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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v3.1.0.6



  • https://github.com/streamnative/pulsar/releases/tag/v3.1.0.6



General Changes

Apache Pulsar

(#21465) (#21571) [fix][broker][branch-3.1] Fix issue with consumer read uncommitted messages from compacted topic

(#21465))) Revert "[fix][broker] Fix issue with consumer read uncommitted messages from compacted topic

(#21270))) Revert "[fix][client] Avert extensive time consumption during table view construction

(#21542) [fix] [ml] Fix orphan scheduled task for ledger create timeout check

(#21540) [fix] [broker] Fix thousands orphan PersistentTopic caused OOM

(#21530) [fix][ml] Fix unfinished callback when deleting managed ledger

(#21485) [fix][client] Fix print error log 'Auto getting partitions failed' when expend partition.

(#21508) [fix][broker] Fix failure while creating non-durable cursor with inactive managed-ledger

(#21481) [fix][broker] Fix the deadlock when using BookieRackAffinityMapping with rackaware policy

(#21545) [fix][broker] Fix create topic with different auto creation strategies causes race condition

(#21445) [fix][broker] Fix namespace bundle stuck in unloading status

(#21496) [fix][broker] Fix PulsarService/BrokerService shutdown when brokerShutdownTimeoutMs=0

(#21465) [fix][broker] Fix issue with consumer read uncommitted messages from compacted topic

(#21486) [fix][broker] Avoid pass null role in MultiRolesTokenAuthorizationProvider

(#21505) [fix][txn] OpRequestSend reuse problem cause tbClient commitTxnOnTopic timeout unexpectedly

(#21407) [fix][test] Fix LocalBookkeeperEnsemble resource leak in tests

(#21270) [fix][client] Avert extensive time consumption during table view construction

(#21268) [fix][txn] Ack all message ids when ack chunk messages with transaction.

(#21489) [fix][build] Fix apt download issue in building the docker image

(#21434) [fix][broker] Ignore individual acknowledgment for CompactorSubscription when an entry has been filtered.

(#21429) [fix][broker] Fix MultiRoles token provider NPE when using anonymous clients

(#21398) [fix][sec] Upgrade Zookeeper to 3.8.3 to address CVE-2023-44981

119b83201f Bump version to 3.1.2-SNAPSHOT

(#21397) [fix][sec] Upgrade Netty to 4.1.100 to address CVE-2023-44487

(#21395) [fix][sec] Upgrade Jetty to 9.4.53 to address CVE-2023-44487

(#21428) [fix][proxy] Move status endpoint out of auth coverage

(#21280) [fix][sec] Upgrade snappy-java to


(#210) [schema-registry][fix] Fix schema ID generation logic

(#202) [Transaction] Make the list offset request aware of the read-committed isolation level

(#207) [fix] Use log end offset as the earliest offset when topic is empty

(#179) [fix][schema-registry] Fix conflict schema version

Cloud Storage Connector

(#791) Optimize Azure blob storage connector config validation logic

(#792) Add azure blob storage sink connector docs.

(#786) Add Google Cloud Storage sink connector docs.

(#782) Add AWS s3 sink connector docs.

AWS Lambda Connector

(#706) SNIP-105: Support new data format for AWS lambda connector

(#708) Make AWS Lambda sink connector private


(#1192) Fix error that functions cannot set auto-ack to false

(#1198) Fix source built_int list called error interface.

Function Mesh Worker Service

02f6d2c3 Use local registry for sn-java and generic runner images

(#1089) align version for branch 3.1

(#1082) Support read customize connector catalogs.

(#1069) Support generic runtime

(#1074) Append version to the description field of ConnectorDefinition for load from connector catalog

(#1067) Fix state store and add tests for oxia state store

(#1057) Bump function-mesh to v0.18.0

Lakehouse Connector

(#445) Update snappy dependency

Snowflake Connector

(#254) Fix wrong value for configuration processingGuarantees