1. Configure Private Cloud
  2. Protocols

Configure Message Rest API

StreamNative Private Cloud supports a RESTful messaging interface to Pulsar clusters. You can produce and consume messages without using the native Pulsar protocol or clients.

The Rest API supports both non-partitioned and partitioned topics as well as basic and Avro base struct schema.

Example use cases include:

  • Send data to Pulsar from any frontend application built in any language
  • Integrate Pulsar with existing automation tools
  • Ingest Pulsar data into corporate dashboards and monitoring systems
  • Provide instant access to data in motion for data scientist notebooks
  • Ingest messages into a stream processing framework that may not support Pulsar

Enable Message Rest API

To use Message Rest API on StreamNative Private Cloud, you need to configure on the PulsarBroker CR:

    pulsarRestMessagingServiceEnabled: true


The message Rest API is enabled on the Pulsar broker. To access the message Rest API outside a Kubernetes cluster, you need to expose the Pulsar proxy service and access the exposed proxy endpoint. The Pulsar proxy will forward the message Rest API requests to the Pulsar broker.

Configure AMQP Protocol