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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v3.0.1.8



  • https://github.com/streamnative/pulsar/releases/tag/v3.0.1.8



General Changes

Apache Pulsar

f87e657bc0 Set project version 3.0.3-SNAPSHOT

(#20631) [fix][sec] Upgrade Bouncycastle to 1.75 to address CVE-2023-33201

(#20933) [improve][build] Upgrade Apache ZooKeeper to 3.9.1

(#21619) [fix][sec] Upgrade rabbitmq client to address CVE-2023-46120

(#20932) [fix] [log] fix the vague response if topic not found


(#1064) Add rabbitmq amqp-client dependency for test


fe09c41 Fixed EventCenterTest by disabling topic level policies

Cloud Storage Connector

(#820) Update permission describe for AWS S3.

AWS SQS Connector

(#789) Try fix auto labeling.

AWS Lambda Connector

34e026f Fix auto label bot not work.


(#1268) Update golang.org/x/net

StreamNative Pulsar Plugins

(#1359) Remove shaded protobuf for hadoop-common also from pulsar-tools

(#1356) Fix the metadata tool CI

(#1354) Removed shaded Protobuf dependency from hadoop

1dc2e621 Fixed more Go x/net version update

(#1352) Fix the dependency conflict with pulsar broker

(#1347) Fix detector go dep

a5d45ac5 Fixed go mod tidy

(#1336) Update aws-java-sdk

(#1335) Update go dependencies to fix CVEs

Google Pub / Sub Connector

(#549) Fix auto label bot not work.

Google BigQuery Sink Connector

(#434) Fix auto label bot not work.

Aws EventBridge Connector

(#164) Fix auto label bot not work.