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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v3.0.0.3

StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v3.0.0.3



  • https://github.com/streamnative/pulsar/releases/tag/v3.0.0.3



General Changes

Apache Pulsar

(#20625) [fix][broker] getOwnedServiceUnits NPE

(#20567) [fix][broker] release orphan replicator after topic closed

(#19465) [fix][admin] Report earliest msg in partitioned backlog

(#20551) [fix][broker] Handle heartbeat namespace in ExtensibleLoadManager

(#20552) [improve][broker] Handle get owned namespaces admin API in ExtensibleLoadManager

(#20525) [improve][broker] Emit the namespace bundle listener event on extensible load manager

(#20406) [feat][broker]PIP-255 Part-1: Add listener interface for namespace service

(#20528) [fix][broker] Fix redirect loop when using ExtensibleLoadManager and list in bundle admin API

(#20566) [fix][broker] new load balancer system topic should not be auto-created now

(#20475) [fix][misc] Use ubuntu 22.04 for Pulsar images

(#19584) [fix][fn] Make KubernetesRuntime translate characters in function tenant, namespace, and name during function removal to avoid label errors

(#19464) [fix][authentication] Improve AuthenticationFilter response

(#20549) [cleanup][broker] Validate authz earlier in delete subscription logic

(#20550) [fix][build] Configure git-commit-id-plugin to skip git describe

(#20535) [fix][broker] REST Client Producer fails with TLS only

(#20514) [fix][broker] Disable EntryFilters for system topics

(#20531) [improve][build] Upgrade Testcontainers to 1.18.3 & docker-java to 3.3.0

(#20529) [fix][test] Reduce flakiness of AdminApi2Test

(#20527) [fix][broker] Restore solution for certain topic unloading race conditions

(#18688) [fix][ml] There are two same-named managed ledgers in the one broker

(#20383) [improve][broker] Do not expose bucketDelayedIndexStats

(#20366) [fix][offload] fix offload metrics error

(#20245) [fix][client] Fix where the function getMsgNumInReceiverQueue always returns 0 when using message listener

(#19884) [fix][cli] Fix logging noise while admin tool exit

(#18949) [fix] [broker] do not filter system topic while shedding.

(#20513) [fix][fn] TLS args admin download command use zero arity

(#20417) [fix][cli] Fulfill add-opens to function-localrunner also

(#20326) [fix][broker] Fix skip message API when hole messages exists

(#20435) [fix][build] Fix the pulsar-all image may use the wrong upstream image

398a781a45 Bump version to 3.0.1-SNAPSHOT

(#20486) [fix][ci] Fix OWASP dependency check suppressions

(#20500) [fix][test] Replace calls to Auth0 with calls to wiremock

(#20487) [improve][ci] Increase Maven max heap size to 1024m in all GHA workflows

(#20404) [fix][fn] Go functions need to use static grpcPort in k8s runtime

(#20482) [fix][fn] Support customizing TLS config for function download command

(#20465) [fix][test] Replace test call to Auth0 with call to WireMock

(#20464) [fix][test] Remove dependency on httpbin.org service in FunctionCommonTest

(#20459) [fix][sec] Upgrade Guava to 32.0.0 to address CVE-2023-2976

(#20424) [fix][io] Close the kafka source connector if there is uncaught exception

(#20450) [fix][fn]Reset idle timer correctly


eeb7338 Upgrade mqtt.codec.version from 4.1.89 to 4.1.93


(#1898) [fix] not respone for PRODUCE when acks=0

(#1887) [refactor] Decoupling the offset topic I/O from GroupMetadataManager

(#1895) [debug] add better log for CONCURRENT_TRANSACTIONS error

(#1890) [perf][improvement] Improvements for PulsarEntryFormatter

(#1888) [bugfix] Fix decode pulsar format batch records timestamp

(#1883) [fix][transaction] TransactionMarkerRequestCompletionHandler retries on UNKNOWN_SERVER_ERROR

(#1882) Prevent double-release on timeout

(#1878) [improve] Get size from byteBuf earlier to prevent unnecessary retention

(#1874) [improvement] hide scary InterruptedException in KopEventManager during broker shutdown

(#1870) Document the tlsEnabled configuration for legacy KoP versions

(#1869) [bugfix][transactions] Make TxnTransitMetadata.topicPartitions immutable

(#1868) [bugfix][transactions] Prevent ConcurrentModificationException in getProducer()

(#1867) [bugfix][transactions] Release memory in TransactionMarkerChannelHandler

(#1864) fix: remove topic.getManagedLedger().asyncDeleteCursor

StreamNative Pulsar Plugins

Fix NPE when token used (Vault authentication) doesn't exists

Function Mesh Worker Service

Create VolumeMounts based on PVC

Use SNBOT token

Support http protocol

Add github server to maven

Cleanup functions/sinks/sources after delete

Make log config works independent on CustomRuntimeOptions

Add support for node affinities and VolumeClaimTemplates

Support set log config name and key

Support liveness probe

fix auth e2e

set value schema when pulsar-client produce

Freeznet/use local registry for e2e

fix Not enough non-faulty bookies available

fix branch-3.0 build

Implement trigger