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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v3.0.2.9

General Changes

Apache Pulsar

(#21940) (#22211) [fix] [broker][branch-3.0] Expire messages according to ledger close time to avoid client clock skew

(#22140) (#22213) [improve][fn][branch-3.0] Add missing "exception" argument to some log.error

(#22202) [improve][broker] Consistently add fine-grain authorization to REST API

(#21995) [improve] [broker] Do not print an Error log when responding to HTTP-404 when calling Admin API and the topic does not exist.

(#22199) [fix] [branch-3.0] Fix reader stuck when read from compacted topic with read compact mode disable

(#21187) (#22142) [fix][broker][branch-3.0] Avoid consumers receiving acknowledged messages from compacted topic after reconnection

(#22168) [fix][broker][branch-3.0] Fix broker not starting when both transactions and the Extensible Load Manager are enabled

(#22144) [fix][sec] Upgrade Jetty to 9.4.54.v20240208 to address CVE-2024-22201

(#21466) [fix][txn] Fix getting last message ID when there are ongoing transactions

(#22184) [improve][fn] Add configuration for connector & functions package url sources

(#22163) [improve][broker] Add fine-grain authorization to retention admin API

(#22169) [improve][admin][branch-3.0] Expose the offload threshold in seconds to the admin

(#22167) Minor Compile fix

(#22149) [fix][txn]Fix TopicTransactionBuffer potential thread safety issue

(#22162) [fix][offload] Fix Offload readHandle cannot close multi times.

(#22153) [fix] [broker] print non log when delete partitioned topic failed

(#22101))) Revert "[improve][admin] Expose the offload threshold in seconds to the amdin

(#22112) (#22156) [fix][broker][branch-3.0] Return getOwnerAsync without waiting on source broker upon Assigning and Releasing and handle role change during role init

(#22064) (#22154) [fix][broker][branch-3.0] Set ServiceUnitStateChannel topic compaction threshold explicitly, improve getOwnerAsync, and fix other bugs

(#22065) [improve][broker] Add an error log to troubleshoot the failure of starting broker registry.

(#21333) [fix][ml] Make mlOwnershipChecker asynchronous so that it doesn't block/deadlock threads

(#22120) [fix][test] fix test testSyncNormalPositionWhenTBRecover

(#22121) [fix][test] Fix test testAsyncFunctionMaxPending

(#22023) [fix][sec] Add a check for the input time value

(#22091) [fix] [client] fix huge permits if acked a half batched message

(#22090) [fix] [broker] Enabling batch causes negative unackedMessages due to ack and delivery concurrency

(#22099) [improve][broker] Cache the internal writer when sent to system topic.

(#22004) [improve] [broker] Do not try to open ML when the topic meta does not exist and do not expect to create a new one. #21995

(#22101) [improve][admin] Expose the offload threshold in seconds to the amdin

(#22117) [fix][test] Fix test testTransactionBufferMetrics

(#21791) [improve][ci] Exclude jose4j to avoid CVE-2023-31582

(#22047) [fix] Bump org.apache.solr:solr-core from 8.11.1 to 8.11.3 in /pulsar-io/solr

e3f5115734 Fix byte-buddy version in presto LICENSE

(#22122) [improve][fn] Optimize Function Worker startup by lazy loading and direct zip/bytecode access

(#19450) [fix][broker] fix Update contains no change error when use --update-auth-data flag to update function/sink/source

(#22078) [fix] [client] Do no retrying for error subscription not found when disabled allowAutoSubscriptionCreation

(#21207) [improve][proxy] When adding new brokers resolve the DNS name more quickly


(#1150) [fix][test] Improve the declare exchange test


(#429) Update LICENSE

AWS Lambda Connector

(#819) Enable unit tests for weekly release


5cb0593 Disable bk unit test and fix it later ---

StreamNative Pulsar Plugins

d76f2d3d [fix][sec] Upgrade commons-compress to 1.26.0

Function Mesh Worker Service

e8209687 Fix ci

474ff770 Deprecate classloader