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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v3.0.4.1



  • https://github.com/streamnative/pulsar/releases/tag/v3.0.4.1



General Changes

Apache Pulsar

(#22379) (#22403) [fix][broker] Skip topic.close during unloading if the topic future fails with ownership check, and fix isBundleOwnedByAnyBroker to use ns.checkOwnershipPresentAsync for ExtensibleLoadBalancer

(#22400) [fix][build] Fix networkaddress.cache.negative.ttl config

(#22395) [improve][broker] Don't log brokerClientAuthenticationParameters and bookkeeperClientAuthenticationParameters by default

060bf61580 Bump version to next snapshot version

(#22245) [improve] [broker] Avoid repeated Read-and-discard when using Key_Shared mode

(#22377) [fix][broker] Fix issue of field 'topic' is not set when handle GetSchema request

8f17446355 [improve][test][branch-3.0] Improve ManagedLedgerTest.testGetNumberOfEntriesInStorage

(#21728) [improve][misc] Pin Netty version in pulsar-io/alluxio

(#21715) [fix][build] Upgrade alluxio version to 2.9.3 to fix CVE-2023-38889

(#22190) [fix][test] Fix flaky test BrokerServiceAutoSubscriptionCreationTest

e3531e808c [fix][test][branch-3.0] Fix broken ManagedLedgerTest.testGetNumberOfEntriesInStorage


(#476) [CI] Fix docker-compose command not found

Cloud Storage Connector

(#937) Use the Apache images to run tests, in order to avoid permission issues.

StreamNative Pulsar Plugins

(#1622) [test] Fix metadata integration test

Google Pub / Sub Connector

(#666) Auth SN docker hub