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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v3.2.2.7



  • https://github.com/streamnative/pulsar/releases/tag/v3.2.2.7



General Changes

Apache Pulsar

(#22644) [fix][broker] Fix cursor should use latest ledger config

(#22246) [cleanup][ml] ManagedCursor clean up.

c2532b9741 [fix][test][branch-3.2] Fix DeduplicationDisabledBrokerLevelTest. Adjust to PR 22034 presence.

41610ee016 Revert "[fix][test][branch-3.2] Fix broken ManagedLedgerTest.testGetNumberOfEntriesInStorage"

d8a35ef797 Revert "[improve][test][branch-3.2] Improve ManagedLedgerTest.testGetNumberOfEntriesInStorage"

(#22550) [fix][admin] Fix can't delete tenant for v1

0a68f82f1d [improve][ci][branch-3.2] Upgrade actions in pulsar-ci and pulsar-ci-flaky, port owasp cache change

(#22493) [fix][test] Fix NPE in BookKeeperClusterTestCase tearDown

(#22452) [fix][broker] fix replicated subscriptions for transactional messages

(#22635) [fix][sec] Upgrade postgresql version to avoid CVE-2024-1597

(#22639) [fix][client] Fix ReaderBuilder doest not give illegalArgument on connection failure retry

(#22685) [fix][broker] Fix ProducerBusy issue due to incorrect userCreatedProducerCount on non-persistent topic

(#22656) [fix] [broker] rename to changeMaxReadPositionCount

(#22630) [fix][storage] ReadonlyManagedLedger initialization does not fill in the properties

(#22672) [fix][broker] usedLocallySinceLastReport should always be reset


(#1227) Bump Pulsar


(#542) Apply StreamNative copyright header

AWS SQS Connector

(#942) Update pulsar version


(#1447) Add trivy scan workflow to avoid vulnerabilities

(#1451) [fix] Upgrade go version to 1.21 to fix CVE-2023-24538

StreamNative Pulsar Plugins

fe44bfc0 Revert "detecotr: add goreleaser to support coress compile with CGO"

(#1696) detector: support build detector for amd64 with cgo

32831887 detecotr: add goreleaser to support coress compile with CGO

(#1589) rbac: move produce and consume permission to messages resource type

(#1576) rbac: support subscription level in srn

(#1574) rbac: support subscription level permission

(#1575) rbac: add permission validation when create/update role

(#1573) rbac: default value for organization and instance

(#1569) rbac: add swagger file to release artifacts

(#1568) rbac: using jackson deserializer to null check.

(#1567) rbac: fix wrong response entity

(#1566) rbac: add permission endpoint to swagger file

(#1565) rbac: fix deny when role binding without condition

(#1689) detector: fix build on detector

(#1680) detector: support SLA and latency detecting for Kafka protocol

Snowflake Connector

(#395) Fix topic2table not working and fix the doc

(#399) Fix messageId2Long cannot handle TopicMessageId

(#394) Add documentation for the schema conversion rule

StreamNative Tiered storage

(#755) Fix timeout exception type and support fetch timeout configurable

(#761) Remove the workflow that publish the ts to the gcr

(#758) Improve container quarantined when resource is enough