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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v3.1.0.3

StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v3.1.0.3



  • https://github.com/streamnative/pulsar/releases/tag/v3.1.0.3



General Changes

Apache Pulsar

(#21077) [fix][proxy] Fix Proxy 502 gateway error when it is configured with Keystore TLS and admin API is called

(#21126) [fix][broker] Fix unack count when mixing non batch index and batch index acks

(#21137) [fix][broker] Fix web tls url null cause NPE

(#21141) [improve] [broker] Improve logs for troubleshooting

(#21146) [improve][broker] Upgrade bookkeeper to 4.16.3

(#21087) [fix][broker] revert remove duplicate topics name when deleteNamespace

(#21093) [fix][broker] Fix deleting topic not delete the related topic policy and schema.

(#19110) [fix] [broker] consider iowait as idle.

(#21116) [fix][client] Fix repeat consume when using n-ack and batched messages

(#21023) [fix][fn] Fix the --batch-builder not working error for functions

(#21096) [fix] [broker] Fix isolated group not work problem.

(#20952) [improve][bk] Improve getIsolationGroup by avoid creating arrayList

(#21059) [fix][auto-recovery] Improve to the ReplicaitonWorker performance by deleting invalid underreplication nodes

(#21028) [improve][meta] Improve fault tolerance of blocking calls by supporting timeout

(#21101) [fix][client] Avoid ack hole for chunk message

(#21099) [fix][broker] Fix unsubscribe non-durable subscription error

(#21094) [fix][client] Fix logging problem in pulsar client

(#21091) [fix][broker] Avoid splitting one batch message into two entries in StrategicTwoPhaseCompactor

(#21083) [fix][broker] Cleanup correctly heartbeat bundle ownership when handling broker deletion event

(#21081) [fix][broker] Fix write duplicate entries into the compacted ledger after RawReader reconnects

(#21078) [fix] [broker] remove bundle-data in local metadata store.

(#21065) [improve][broker] Make read compacted entries support maxReadSizeBytes limitation

(#21064) [fix][misc] Bump broker okio version to 3.4.0

(#21060) [fix][io] Fix --retain[-key]-ordering not working error for sink

(#21057) [fix][misc] Bump GRPC version to 1.55.3 to fix CVE

(#21041) [fix][broker] Fix potential case cause retention policy not working on topic level

(#21037) [fix][fn] Fix ProducerConfig cannot update error

(#20948) [fix][broker]Fix chunked messages will be filtered by duplicating

(#20935) [improve] [ml] Persist mark deleted ops to ZK if create cursor ledger was failed

(#21048) [fix][client] Fix cannot retry chunk messages and send to DLQ

(#21070) [fix][client] Fix consumer can't consume resent chunked messages


[fix][proxy] Disconnect the coordinator broker for NOT_COORDINATOR error

[proxy] Support transaction and fix wrong coordinator lookup

[proxy] Support receiving messages from multiple brokers

[proxy] Support existing admin APIs

[proxy] Support sending messages to multiple brokers

[proxy] Reset the connection field to broker when broker is down

AMQP1_0 Connector

(#696) [CI] Adjust CI to test the corresponding Pulsar image version

(#697) Fix integration test.

AWS SQS Connector

(#714) Improve sqs source doc.

(#711) Improve sqs sink docs.

StreamNative Pulsar Plugins

Enable broker interceptor for audit log test

Remove the disableBrokerInterceptors() method from test

Implement Oxia State Store

Function Mesh Worker Service

Fix possible NPE errors

Set retain[Key]Ordering to false if it is null

Load connector definition from ConnectorCataLog CRD.

Support json format logs and yaml format log config file

Change integration test ci trigger mode to pull_request.

Support using sidecar to send logs to pulsar

Use AuthConfig.GenericAuth field to replace auth secret