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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v2.11.3.3

General Changes

Apache Pulsar

(#19710) [fix][test] testModularLoadManagerRemoveBundleAndLoad

(#21976) [fix][test] Make base test class method protected so that it passes ReportUnannotatedMethods validation

bd50912378 Fix LICENSE

(#22144) [fix][sec] Upgrade Jetty to 9.4.54.v20240208 to address CVE-2024-22201

(#22184) [improve][fn] Add configuration for connector & functions package url sources

fdf2be1468 Adjust license header format

(#22163) [improve][broker] Add fine-grain authorization to retention admin API

(#22091) [fix] [client] fix huge permits if acked a half batched message

(#22090) [fix] [broker] Enabling batch causes negative unackedMessages due to ack and delivery concurrency

(#21947) [fix] [broker] Replication stopped due to unload topic failed

(#22025) [fix] [broker] Fix can not subscribe partitioned topic with a suffix-matched regexp

(#21885) [fix] [broker] Fix break change: could not subscribe partitioned topic with a suffix-matched regexp due to a mistake of PIP-145

(#20933) [improve][build] Upgrade Apache ZooKeeper to 3.9.1

307a158d65 Bump version to 2.11.4-SNAPSHOT

(#22117) [fix][test] Fix test testTransactionBufferMetrics

(#21395) [fix][sec] Upgrade Jetty to 9.4.53 to address CVE-2023-44487

7f72fd4049 Revert changes to functions_worker.conf used in system tests

f376b3a982 Fix LICENSE for shell

e2094d4874 Update LICENSE files

(#22122) [improve][fn] Optimize Function Worker startup by lazy loading and direct zip/bytecode access

(#22086) [fix][sec] Upgrade commons-compress to 1.26.0

(#22081) [fix][broker] Support running docker container with gid != 0

(#22011) [fix][broker][branch-3.1] Avoid PublishRateLimiter use an already closed RateLimiter

(#22044) [fix][broker] Sanitize values before logging in apply-config-from-env.py script


(#405) [test] Add test for abort transaction with Kafka admin

AWS Lambda Connector

(#819) Enable unit tests for weekly release


(#1330) [branch-2.11][cve] Update golang.org/x/net to v0.19.0

StreamNative Pulsar Plugins

95190160 [fix][sec] Upgrade commons-compress to 1.26.0

(#1473) [fix][cve] Exclude avro,nimbus-jose-jwt,thirdparty from org.apache.hadoop

Function Mesh Worker Service

19bd6e63 Fix ci

0075cc86 Deprecate classloader

(#1195) reduce integration test image size with slim base image

(#1152) bump function-mesh to 0.19.0

(#1187) clean up the disk

(#1174) Ignore exception when connector customize catalogs is empty.