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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v3.0.2.4



  • https://github.com/streamnative/pulsar/releases/tag/v3.0.2.4



General Changes

Apache Pulsar

(#21675) [improve][io] Make connectors load sensitive fields from secrets

(#21718) [fix][broker] Avoid compaction task stuck when the last message to compact is a marker

(#21757) [improve][proxy] Fix comment about enableProxyStatsEndpoints

(#21765) [fix][broker] fix the wrong value of BrokerSrevice.maxUnackedMsgsPerDispatcher

(#21804) [improve] [client] Prevent reserve memory with a negative memory size to avoid send task stuck

(#21856) [fix][broker]Fix NonPersistentDispatcherMultipleConsumers ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

(#21865) [fix][broker] Fix compaction/replication data loss when expire messages

(#21867) [improve][broker] Skip loading the NAR packages if not configured

(#21880) [improve][broker] Improve NamespaceUnloadStrategy error message

(#21889) [fix][client] Fix messages in the batch container timed out unexpectedly

(#21885) [fix] [broker] Fix break change: could not subscribe partitioned topic with a suffix-matched regexp due to a mistake of PIP-145

(#21853) [fix] [client] Messages lost due to TopicListWatcher reconnect

(#21893) [improve][broker] Don't rollover empty ledgers based on inactivity

(#21745) [fix][broker] Delete compacted ledger when topic is deleted

(#21869) [fix] [ml] Fix retry mechanism of deleting ledgers to invalidate

(#21857) [improve][broker] defer the ownership checks if the owner is inactive (ExtensibleLoadManager)


(#342) Fix flaky testPublishTimestampInBatch

(#337) Fix offset commit timeout error due to incorrect send timer implementation

(#319) Increase the default maxReadEntriesNum to 50

(#307) Make loading offsets synchronous to avoid race condition

(#310) Add KSN proxy dashboard

(#296) Remove unused CI workflows


(#1305) Update jose2go to fix GHSA-mhpq-9638-x6pw

StreamNative Pulsar Plugins

(#1447) [fix][cve] Exclude logback from zookeeper

(#1292) [fix][detector] Cleanup inactive broker's e2e detector

(#1436) Include one older txn log file in the backup when needed

(#1411) Update jose2go to 1.6.0 to address GHSA-mhpq-9638-x6pw

(#1415) Upgrade the version