1. Configure Private Cloud

Private Cloud Licenses

This page introduces the licenses in the StreamNative Private Cloud.

License Types

Trial license

A trial license allows a free trial of using the Private Cloud for a definite duration. After the trial license expires, the StreamNative Operator will stop reconciling.

You can apply for a trial from https://streamnative.io/deployment/start-free-trial.

Enterprise license

An enterprise license provides access to all StreamNative Private Cloud features in the paid subscription duration. After the enterprise license expires, you will be granted an extra 30-day grace period. Then, the StreamNative Operator will stop reconciling.

License fields

A valid license structure includes fields like below sample:

  "issued_to": "Contoso",
  "issuer": "StreamNative, Inc.",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "expiry_date_in_seconds": "1678867200",
  "issue_date_in_seconds": "1678796436",
  "type": "trial",
  "status": "active",
  "max_compute_unit": "1",
  "max_storage_unit": "1",
  "used_compute_unit": "1500m",
  "used_storage_unit": "3"
  • issued_to: the license issued to the target user or organization
  • issuer: the license issuer
  • email: user or organization contact email address
  • expiry_date_in_seconds: the date this issued license will go expire
  • issue_date_in_seconds : the date this license issued
  • type: license type, could be “trial" or “enterprise"
  • status: license running status, could be "active" or “expire"
  • max_compute_unit: purchased compute_unit amount in this license
  • max_storage_unit: purchased storage_unit amount in this license
  • used_compute_unit: actual amount of compute_unit used in the Private Cloud
  • used_storage_unit: actual amount of storage_unit used in the Private Cloud

Expired licenses

A valid license is the activation for the StreamNative Operator to start reconcile loop. After the license expire, StreamNative Operator will stop the reconcile loop which means you can't create new Pulsar clusters or modify your existing Pulsar cluster.