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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v3.2.1.1

General Changes

Apache Pulsar

(#22243) [fix][sec] Revert "[fix][sec] Add a check for the input time value (apache#22023)"

(#22240) Fix the tests with same namespace name

(#22201) [fix][client] fix Reader.hasMessageAvailable might return true after seeking to latest

(#22204) [fix][client] GenericProtobufNativeSchema not implement getNativeSchema method.

(#22190) [fix][test] Fix flaky test BrokerServiceAutoSubscriptionCreationTest

(#22162) [fix][offload] Fix Offload readHandle cannot close multi times.

(#22149) [fix][txn]Fix TopicTransactionBuffer potential thread safety issue

(#22164) [fix] [client] Do no retrying for error subscription not found when disabled allowAutoSubscriptionCreation


(#408) [fix][transaction] Fix send messages with transaction in async way

StreamNative Pulsar Plugins

(#1557) *: upgrade branch-3.2 vesion to

(#1524) [SNP-RBAC] Support conditional role binding

(#1513) [SNP-RBAC] Support predefined roles configuration

Cloud Pulsar Plugins

(#997) ApiKeys: Avoid check JWT token expired time in authorization

(#995) [SN-RBAC] added functions, sources, sinks interceptor path

(#990) Oauth2: Avoid check JWT token expired time in authorization

Function Mesh Worker Service

(#1258) Validate functions&connectors package url

3de3d7d6 Avoid error in tune runner vm

Google BigQuery Sink Connector

(#507) feat: Support protobuf native schema.