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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v3.2.2.6



  • https://github.com/streamnative/pulsar/releases/tag/v3.2.2.6



General Changes

Apache Pulsar

(#22614) [improve] [broker] Add additionalSystemCursorNames ignore list for TTL check

2c22af5c07 [fix][build][branch-3.2] Remove unused import added in cherry-picking

(#22683) [improve][offload] Replace usage of shaded class in OffsetsCache

(#22679) [fix][offload] Fix OOM in tiered storage, caused by unbounded offsets cache

(#22673) [fix] [broker] Fix nothing changed after removing dynamic configs

(#22668) Revert "[fix][sec] Upgrade Debezium oracle connector version to avoid…

(#22610) [fix] Fix Reader can be stuck from transaction aborted messages.

(#22497) [fix][broker] avoid offload system topic

(#22666) [improve][ws] Add memory limit configuration for Pulsar client used in Websocket proxy

(#22582) [fix][broker] Disable system topic message deduplication

(#22501) [fix][fn]make sure the classloader for ContextImpl is functionClassLoader in different runtimes

(#22659) [fix][test] Clear MockedPulsarServiceBaseTest fields to prevent test runtime memory leak

(#22641) [fix][sec] Upgrade Debezium oracle connector version to avoid CVE-2023-4586

(#22640) [fix][sec] Upgrade elasticsearch-java version to avoid CVE-2023-4043

(#22633) [fix][sec] Upgrade aws-sdk.version to avoid CVE-2024-21634

(#22619) [fix] [client] Fix Consumer should return configured batch receive max messages

(#22573) [fix][broker] Avoid being stuck when closing the broker with extensible load manager

(#22654) [fix][io] Fix es index creation

(#22617) [improve] Retry re-validating ResourceLock with backoff after errors

(#22594) [fix] [test] Fix flaky test ReplicatorTest

(#17524) [fix][broker] One topic can be closed multiple times concurrently

(#21948) [fix] [broker] Part-2: Replicator can not created successfully due to an orphan replicator in the previous topic owner

(#22537) [improve] [broker] Create partitioned topics automatically when enable topic level replication

(#21946) [fix] [broker] Part-1: Replicator can not created successfully due to an orphan replicator in the previous topic owner

(#22662) [fix] [ml] Mark delete stuck due to switching cursor ledger fails


(#1220) Bump Pulsar


6525444 Fix compile issue


(#539) Use BrokerService#registerCustomDynamicConfiguration to register the dynamic config

Function Mesh Worker Service

(#1289) Support list functions/connectos across tenants and namespaces

(#1314) Update doc to correct functionality on REST api

StreamNative Tiered storage

(#752) Upgrade bk and spark dependency to fix CVEs