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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v3.0.0.2

StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v3.0.0.2



  • https://github.com/streamnative/pulsar/releases/tag/v3.0.0.2



General Changes

Apache Pulsar

(#20413) [fix][fn] Go functions must retrieve consumers by non-particioned topic ID

(#19895) [fix][fn] Fix function update error

(#20416) [improve] [broker] Avoid PersistentSubscription.expireMessages logic check backlog twice.

(#20381) [improve][monitor] Add JVM start time metric

(#20358) [fix][test] Fix SegmentAbortedTxnProcessorTest

(#20346) [improve][admin] Return BAD_REQUEST on cluster data is null for createCluster

(#20316) [improve][cli] Allow pulser-client consume create a replicated subscription

(#20315) [improve][broker] Gracefully shut down load balancer extension

(#20115) [improve][fn] Use functions classloader in TopicSchema.newSchemaInstance() to fix ClassNotFoundException when using custom SerDe classes. (targeted for master)

(#20303) [fix] [meta]Switch to the metadata store thread after zk operation

(#20422) [fix][broker] Skip loading broker interceptor when disableBrokerInterceptors is true

(#20396) [Fix][txn] Unwrap the completion exception.

(#18620) [fix][broker] If ledger lost, cursor mark delete position can not forward

(#20257) [fix][broker] Fix ledger cachemiss size metric

(#20363) [fix][broker] Invalidate metadata children cache after key deleted

(#19896) [fix][fn] Fix JavaInstanceStarter inferring type class name error

(#20370) [fix][broker] pre-create non-partitioned system topics for load balance extension

(#20350) [fix][broker] Fix broker load manager class filter NPE

(#20361) [fix][broker] managedLedger.getConfig().getProperties().putAll(properties) NPE

(#20335) [fix] [broker] In Key_Shared mode: remove unnecessary mechanisms of message skip to avoid unnecessary consumption stuck

(#20327) [fix][broker] Use user-specified bundle size on creating a namespace anti-affinity group with the default local policies

(#20189) [fix][broker]Fix deadlock of metadata store

(#20340) [fix][doc] Correcting spelling mistakes

7b74d89f6a correcting spelling mistakes

(#20276) [fix][ml] Fix ledger left in OPEN state when enable inactiveLedgerRollOverTimeMs

650d66c356 [fix][client] thread-safe seek

(#20242))) Revert "[fix][client] Seek should be thread-safe

(#20310) [fix][broker] Fix class name typo PrecisPublishLimiter to "Precise"

(#20304) [fix][broker] Allow Access to System Topic Metadata for Reader Creation Post-Namespace Deletion

(#20305) [fix][build] Fix publish image script

(#20297) [fix][fn] Correct TLS cert config translation from broker to fn worker

(#20302) [fix][broker] Fix NPE cause by topic publish rate limiter.

(#20000) [fix][fn] Support multiple input topics for Go runtime

(#20250) [fix][broker] Fix default bundle size used while setting bookie affinity

(#20259) [fix][io] add protobuf ByteString to pulsar-io jdbc core

(#20261) [fix][broker] Fix UnsupportedOperationException when update topic properties.

(#20242) [fix][client] Seek should be thread-safe

(#20423) [improve][misc] Upgrade Netty to 4.1.93.Final

(#20270) [improve][build] Upgrade maven surefire plugin and other build/test plugins/libs including TestNG version

(#20411) [fix][sec] Upgrade sqlite-jdbc to resolve CVE-2023-32697

(#20218) [improve][ci] Replace handmade action to configure Gradle Enterprise

(#20187) [improve][build] Capture local build scans on ge.apache.org to benefit from deep build insights

(#20412) [improve][ci] Speed up OWASP dependency check in Pulsar CI workflow

(#20384) [improve][ci] Split Pulsar IO unit test job to multiple jobs

(#20198) [improve][ci] Disable Maven http connection pooling on CI also for newer Maven versions

(#20410) [fix][ci] Update nar maven plugin version to fix excessive downloads

(#20392) [fix][broker] partitioned __change_events topic is policy topic

(#19897) [fix][fn] Make pulsar-admin support update py/go with package url

(#20338) [feat] OIDC: support JWKS refresh for missing Key ID

(#20235) [fix][txn] Implement compatibility for transaction buffer segmented snapshot feature upgrade

(#20343) [fix][test] Use delta when comparing doubles in checkLoadReportNicSpeed

(#20230) [fix][monitor] topic with double quote breaks the prometheus format


(#1841) [feat][schema] Support getting schema string by id

(#1855) [Snyk] Security upgrade io.streamnative:pulsar-broker from to

(#1854) Fix list offsets for times failure when ledgers are removed by a rollover operation

(#1853) Fix flaky-test: KafkaNonPartitionedTopicTest.testNonPartitionedTopic

(#1856) [fix] Fix read unstable messages


(#1084) Fixed remove auth plugin suffix

(#1072) Removed error char

(#1065) Bump pulsar version to

StreamNative Pulsar Plugins

Fix charts repo

Support publish json content type message

Cloud Pulsar Plugins

fixed check styles and metric method name

Added revocation check in AuthenticationProviderApiKeys.

Added RevocationList

fixed license headers for pulsar-broker-auth-apikeys project

Added RevocationClient

Renamed Authentication/AuthorizationProviderOAuth to Authentication/AuthorizationProviderApiKeys

a copy of pulsar-broker-oauth2 for the new plugin work for api-key project

Release pulsar broker api keys

Function Mesh Worker Service

Fix restartFunctions and enhance ci

Add imagePullSecrets to CustomRuntimeOptions

release function-mesh 0.14.0

Use k8s namespace to fetch resources

fix yq

fix e2e pulsar install

Reuse existing configs

Show windowConfig when get function