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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v3.0.1.1

StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v3.0.1.1



  • https://github.com/streamnative/pulsar/releases/tag/v3.0.1.1



General Changes

Apache Pulsar

(#20620) [fix][broker] fix ModularLoadManagerImpl always delete active bundle-data. sec ver.

(#21032) [fix][client] Fix RawReader hasMessageAvailable returns true when no messages

(#21010) [fix][meta] Fix deadlock in AutoRecovery.

(#20990) [fix][broker] Fix incorrect unack msk count when dup ack a message

(#20983) [fix][broker] Fix compaction subscription delete by inactive subscription check.

(#20971) [fix] [admin] Fix get topic stats fail if a subscription catch up concurrently

(#20855) [fix][broker] Fix inconsensus namespace policies by getPoliciesIfCached

(#20846) [improve][broker] Avoid print redirect exception log when get list from bundle

(#20843) [fix][broker] Inconsistent behaviour for topic auto_creation

(#20840) [improve] [ws] add cryptoKeyReaderFactoryClassName into the file websocket.conf

(#20804) [improve][offload] Extend the offload policies to allow specifying more conf

(#20779) [improve][client] Disable polling pattern topics when TopicListWatcher is enabled.

(#20778) [fix][test] Close the resource after the test

(#20775) [improve][offload] Create offload resources lazily

(#20767) [fix] [broker] Can not receive any messages after switch to standby cluster

(#20763) [fix][broker] Fix get topic policies as null during clean cache

(#20761) [fix][broker] Avoid throwing RestException in BrokerService

(#20739) [fix][client] Fix subscribing pattern topics through Proxy not working

(#20736) [improve][offload] Support to configure more offload driver

(#20730) [fix][schema] Only handle exception when there has

(#20695) [fix] [client] Messages lost when consumer reconnect

(#20683) [improve][admin] Remove duplicate topics name when deleteNamespace

(#19815) [fix] [txn] fix consumer can receive aborted txn message when readType is replay

(#20741) [fix] [io] elastic-search sink connector not support JSON.String schema.

(#20568) [improve] [broker] Add consumer-id into the log when doing subscribe.

(#20939) [fix][broker]Check that the super user role is in the MultiRolesTokenAuthorizationProvider plugin

(#20709) [fix][broker] Gracefully shutdown does not work with admin cli in standalone

(#20907) [improve][sql] Fix the wrong format of the logs

(#20914) [fix][client] Fix perf-producer get OOM with high publish latency

(#20905) [fix][broker] fix MessageDeduplication throw NPE when enable broker dedup and set namespace disable deduplication.

(#21001) [fix][io] Update test certs for Elasticsearch

(#20980) [fix][broker] Fix message loss during topic compaction

(#20980))) Revert "[fix][broker] Fix message loss during topic compaction

(#20980) [fix][broker] Fix message loss during topic compaction

(#20978) [fix][broker] Fix incorrect number of read compacted entries

(#20898) [fix] [ml] fix discontinuous ledger deletion

(#20888) [fix][broker] In replication scenario, remote consumer could not be registered if there has no message was sent

(#20858) [improve][broker] Add annotation for topic compaction strategy

(#20822) [fix][broker] Avoid infinite bundle unloading

(#20826) [improve][broker] Add broker filter sync method back to guarantee the API compatibility

(#20831) [fix][build] Upgrade PyYaml version to 6.0.1

(#20819) [fix] [cli] the variable producerName of BatchMsgContainer is null

(#20747) [fix][broker] call ServerCnx#closeProducer from correct thread

(#20818) [fix][io][branch-3.0] Not restart instance when kafka source poll exception.

(#20799) [fix][test] Fix resource leak in PulsarTestContext

(#20434) [fix][test] Fix flaky PersistentSubscriptionTest

(#20604) [fix][sec] Upgrade snappy-java to address multiple CVEs

f3bb89d4a6 Revert Add listener interface for namespace service #20406

(#20745) [fix] Ignore openIDTokenIssuerTrustCertsFilePath conf when blank

(#20733) [fix][ws] Remove unnecessary ping/pong implementation


(#963) remove useless test code


(#1031) Fix connection timeout ms

(#1037) Fix dispatch docker build

(#1035) Support fast build docker image

(#1070) Support batch ack in broker

(#1071) Upgrade pulsar verison to

(#1047))) (#1055) Revert "Add ping request for adapter channel

(#1053) Fix close reader NPE.

113a653 Improve test.

(#1047) Add ping request for adapter channel

(#1048) Fix mock object

(#1051) Fix publish latency unit

(#1049) Improve log to avoid too much error

(#1050) Fix bundle is being unload IllegalState exception

(#1045) Fix NPE cased by inflating message

(#1040) Fix lookup issue for MQTT-5

(#1041) Fix IllegalReferenceCountException exception to break the callback

(#1033) Change log level to debug

(#1032) Add Cache for event writer.

843fdf1 Fix connect timeout ms

StreamNative Pulsar Plugins

[rest] Fix bytebuf twice release

Specify antrun version to avoid api breaking

Supplemental testing for broker E2E compression

Support manualDecompression request flag

Support broker do compression.

Support publishing and consuming by rest

Support E2E compression - P2

Support E2E compression - P1

Cloud Pulsar Plugins

Fixed pulsar api key audience list issuer

Support audience list

Do not catch parseClaimsJwt method exception

[improve] Add cache for parse claims Jwt

Fix authenticate http request

[improve] Move authz parse jwt body logic to authenticaiton state init stage

Function Mesh Worker Service

Remove enableStateStore from CustomRuntimeOptions

allow by-pass the class loader from connector package

dependencies alignment

release function-mesh 0.15.0

Use state store to query/put state

Add missing config

Handle delete response when failed to delete k8s object

bd9f2b03 Use pulsarctl runner image

Add missed permissions checks

Append version to the description field of ConnectorDefinition

Respect --update-auth-data parameter

expose k8s 404 and other rest errors with correct error code

bump k8s to 1.23.17

remove java17 grammar for backward comp

Bump k8s to 18.0.0

add service account annotation if is created via sn cloud service account

Fix permission error in ci's Dockerfile

prevent cleanup fail the action

Aws EventBridge Connector

(#69) Refactor docs struct and content.

(#74) Improve config docs.

(#39) Improve prerequisites docs.