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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v2.10.4.3

StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v2.10.4.3



  • https://github.com/streamnative/pulsar/releases/tag/v2.10.4.3



General Changes

Apache Pulsar

(#20381) [improve][monitor] Add JVM start time metric

(#20276) [fix][ml] Fix ledger left in OPEN state when enable inactiveLedgerRollOverTimeMs

(#20250) [fix][broker] Fix default bundle size used while setting bookie affinity

(#20233) [fix][broker] Fix the behavior of delayed message in Key_Shared mode

(#18278) [improve][broker] Get lowest PositionImpl from NavigableSet

(#20074) [fix] [broker] error TimeUnit to record publish latency

(#20335) [fix] [broker] In Key_Shared mode: remove unnecessary mechanisms of message skip to avoid unnecessary consumption stuck

(#20189) [fix][broker]Fix deadlock of metadata store

(#20333) [fix][build] update the zookeeper version to 3.6.4


(#1854) Fix list offsets for times failure when ledgers are removed by a rollover operation

(#1853) Fix flaky-test: KafkaNonPartitionedTopicTest.testNonPartitionedTopic

(#1848) Use brokerClientTlsEnabled to configure pulsar client

(#1839) Fix pulsar entry formatter encode zero timestamp record caused exception

(#1834) Upgrade org.json and kaml to non vulnerable versions

StreamNative Pulsar Plugins

delete useless maven repo

Bump Pulsar to

Support publish json content type message

Unify the dependencies version between Pulsar and plugins

Function Mesh Worker Service

fix yq

fix e2e pulsar install

Reuse existing configs

Show windowConfig when get function

Cleanup functions/sinks/sources after delete