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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v2.10.4.4

StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v2.10.4.4



  • https://github.com/streamnative/pulsar/releases/tag/v2.10.4.4



General Changes

Apache Pulsar

(#14566) Optimize conusmer pause

55609eb0db resolve conflict after updating

(#20647) [fix][broker] Fix the publish latency spike from the contention of MessageDeduplication

(#20669) [fix][client]Fix deadlock issue of consumer while using multiple IO threads

(#20676) [improve][test][branch-2.10] Backport disabling disk usage threshold for Elastic Testcontainers

(#20659) [improve][broker][branch-2.10] Backport Linux metrics changes from master branch

(#20549) [cleanup][broker] Validate authz earlier in delete subscription logic

(#20567) [fix][broker] release orphan replicator after topic closed

(#20535) [fix][broker] REST Client Producer fails with TLS only

(#20527) [fix][broker] Restore solution for certain topic unloading race conditions

(#18688) [fix][ml] There are two same-named managed ledgers in the one broker

(#20533) [fix][fn] Configure pulsar admin for TLS

(#20413) [fix][fn] Go functions must retrieve consumers by non-particioned topic ID

6506d6a0ac Backport test for #20326 to Java 8

(#20326) [fix][broker] Fix skip message API when hole messages exists

(#20479) [fix][io] Close the kafka source connector if there is uncaught exception

33a45e0b4c [fix][build] Don't publish docker image with "latest" tag to docker repository

(#20459) [fix][sec] Upgrade Guava to 32.0.0 to address CVE-2023-2976

071af38592 Bump version to 2.10.5-SNAPSHOT

(#20505) [fix][build][branch-2.10] Fix ci-license check

03c7add59f Fix license header with missing *

(#20404) [fix][fn] Go functions need to use static grpcPort in k8s runtime

(#19929) [fix][client] Cache empty schema version in ProducerImpl schemaCache.

(#20450) [fix][fn]Reset idle timer correctly

(#20423) [improve][misc] Upgrade Netty to 4.1.93.Final

(#19649) [improve][misc] Upgrade Netty to 4.1.89.Final

(#18620) [fix][broker] If ledger lost, cursor mark delete position can not forward

(#20411) [fix][sec] Upgrade sqlite-jdbc to resolve CVE-2023-32697

(#20410) [fix][ci] Update nar maven plugin version to fix excessive downloads

(#20392) [fix][broker] partitioned __change_events topic is policy topic

(#19897) [fix][fn] Make pulsar-admin support update py/go with package url


(#1867) [bugfix][transactions] Release memory in TransactionMarkerChannelHandler

(#1856) [fix] Fix read unstable messages


(#1084) Fixed remove auth plugin suffix

(#1072) Removed error char

StreamNative Pulsar Plugins

(#1151) Fix NPE when token used (Vault authentication) doesn't exists

(#1147) Fix charts repo

Cloud Pulsar Plugins

Bump Pulsar to attentive

fixed check styles and metric method name

Added revocation check in AuthenticationProviderApiKeys.

Added RevocationList

fixed license headers for pulsar-broker-auth-apikeys project

Added RevocationClient

Renamed Authentication/AuthorizationProviderOAuth to Authentication/AuthorizationProviderApiKeys

a copy of pulsar-broker-oauth2 for the new plugin work for api-key project

Release pulsar broker api keys

Function Mesh Worker Service

f2295dd4 Fix ci

Create VolumeMounts based on PVC

Support http protocol

Make log config works independent on CustomRuntimeOptions

Add support for node affinities and VolumeClaimTemplates

Support set log config name and key

Support liveness probe

fix auth e2e

set value schema when pulsar-client produce

Freeznet/use local registry for e2e

fix Not enough non-faulty bookies available

fix jdk build

Implement trigger

Fix restartFunctions and enhance ci

Add imagePullSecrets to CustomRuntimeOptions

release function-mesh 0.14.0

Use k8s namespace to fetch resources

Aws EventBridge Connector

(#18) Fix incorrect doc file name.