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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v2.10.3.5

StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v2.10.3.5



  • https://github.com/streamnative/pulsar/releases/tag/v2.10.3.5



General Changes

Apache Pulsar

(#19179) [improve] upgrade the bookkeeper version to 4.14.7

(#19302)) Revert "[improve] [admin] Make the default value of param --get-subscription-backlog-size of admin API topics stats true

(#19302) [improve] [admin] Make the default value of param --get-subscription-backlog-size of admin API topics stats true

(#19444) [fix] [ml] topic load fail by ledger lost

(#19648) [branch-2.10][build]Fix check License

(#19425)) Revert "[improve] Upgrade to zk 3.8.1

(#19426) [improve] Upgrade lombok to 1.8.26

(#19425) [improve] Upgrade to zk 3.8.1

(#19417) [improve][misc] Upgrade Netty to 4.1.87.Final

(#19333) [improve] Upgrade wildfly-eytron (used by debezium) to fix CVE-2022-3143

(#19636) [branch-2.10][test]Run and fix tests

(#19234) [improve][broker] Follow up #19230 to tighten the validation scope

(#18729) [cleanup][broker] Simplify extract entryMetadata code in filterEntriesForConsumer

(#18358) [fix][client] Set authentication when using loadConf in client and admin client

(#18211) [improve][broker] Add UncaughtExceptionHandler for every thread pool

(#14327) [feature][txn] Fix individual ack batch message with transaction abort redevlier duplicate messages

(#19510) [fix][client] Fix authentication not update after changing the serviceUrl

(#19534) [improve][broker] Use shrink map for trackerCache

(#19505) [fix] [broker] Incorrect service name selection logic

(#16946) [Improve][broker]Reduce GetReplicatedSubscriptionStatus local REST call

(#18133) [fix][broker] PulsarRegistrationClient - implement getAllBookies and follow BookieServiceInfo updates

(#18999) [fix][admin] Fix validatePersistencePolicies that Namespace/Topic persistent policies cannot set to < 0

(#19608) [fix][broker][branch-2.10] Fix geo-replication admin

(#19517) [fix][broker] Copy command fields and fix potential thread-safety in ServerCnx

(#19597) [fix][client] Broker address resolution wrong if connect through a multi-dns names proxy

(#19557) [fix][broker] Allow proxy to pass same role for authRole and originalRole

(#19506) [fix][broker] Make authentication refresh threadsafe

(#19594) [fix][test] ProxyWithAuthorizationTest remove SAN from test certs

(#19576) [branch-2.10][fix][proxy] Fix using wrong client version in pulsar proxy

09f00eea93 [fix][broker] Correct MockAlwaysExpiredAuthenticationState test impl

1935f070cf [fix][broker] Call originalAuthState.authenticate in ServerCnx

(#19430) [improve][broker] Add test to verify authRole cannot change

(#19409) [feat][broker] Cherry-pick tests from

(#19312) [improve][broker] ServerCnx: go to Failed state when auth fails

(#19455) [improve][broker] Require authRole is proxyRole to set originalPrincipal

(#19539) [fix][broker][branch-2.10] Replace sync method call in async call chain to prevent ZK event thread deadlock

(#19355) [fix] [ml] messagesConsumedCounter of NonDurableCursor was initialized incorrectly

(#19420) [fix][broker] Fix loadbalance score caculation problem

(#19521) [fix][broker] ServerCnx broken after recent cherry-picks


(#1728) Add multi-tenant support for OAuth authentication

Cloud Storage Connector

(#588) [chore] Rename io-cloud-storage-sink.md to cloud-storage-sink.md


(#996) fix: upgrade cobra

(#979) Add Fish shell completion

(#976) fix: fix token exp

StreamNative Pulsar Plugins

[rest] Fix Big message is truncated silently

Fix memory leak in that message is not pooled.

Add test to cover concurrent call

[improve][rest] Create a new rest plugin document.

[improve] [Audit Log] Split Pub&Sub and client registration events into different types

Function Mesh Worker Service

Update function-mesh to v0.11.0

Lakehouse Connector

(#122)) Revert "upgrade jdk17.

(#254)) Revert "Make unit tests can run with JDK8

(#254) Make unit tests can run with JDK8

(#253) Fix CVEs introduced by hadoop-common

cb71d3b Adjust codeowner to ecosystem

(#122) upgrade jdk17.