1. Operating StreamNative Platform
  2. Pulsar

Configure license for StreamNative Images


Starting March 31st, 2024, access to the StreamNative Pulsar distribution will require a valid StreamNative subscription. As a result, StreamNative Pulsar images such as streamnative/private-cloud, streamnative/sn-platform and streamnative/sn-platform-slim will require a license key to run; otherwise, the component will fail to start.

This document demonstrates how to upgrade to configure license on the StreamNative Platform.

Import license

If you do not have any license, you can contact StreamNative to apply for a free trial.

When you have a license in hand, you can import it through:

cat <<EOF | kubectl apply -f -
apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
    cloud.streamnative.io/type: "license"
  name: sn-license
  namespace: "the Kubernetes namespace you will install the StreamNative Pulsar Cluster"
type: Opaque
  license: "Your license token"

Configure the license Secret on StreamNative Platform

The license Secret needs to be configured on the broker.extraSecretRefs field:

  - mountPath: /mnt/sn-license
    secretName: "sn-license"

After updating configuration, run the helm upgrade to update your StreamNative Platform.

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