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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v2.10.5.1

StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v2.10.5.1

General Changes


365dd13 remove repository id

637fdd6 remove ossrh


[build] Fix oauth client release

ca93e164 [branch-2.10] Fix CI workflow

Fix wrong offset increment for Sarama message set

[improve][oauthclient] Support decode base64 format credentials URL

[CI] Upload surefire artifacts when tests failed

[branch-2.10] Fix broken branch-2.10 due to wiremock

[oauthclient] Create a zero-dependencies jar: - remove Async HTTP client and use the standard JDK Http client - shade and relocate Jackson Databind, used for JSON

Update README.md

[security] Communications between broker inherit BrokerClient configuration

[improvement] Save resources on the BK threads by not accessing the metrics context

[improvement] Do not use a static LOOKUP_CACHE

[bugfix] AppendRecordsContext cannot be Recyclable

[transactions] log when a TX Coordinator is still loading

[branch-2.10.4][ci] Speed up CI test and fix flaky test

(#1897) Optimize getHeadersFromMetadata, replace Java streams with for loop

[fix] not respone for PRODUCE when acks=0

[debug] add better log for CONCURRENT_TRANSACTIONS error

[perf][improvement] Improvements for PulsarEntryFormatter

[fix][transaction] TransactionMarkerRequestCompletionHandler retries on UNKNOWN_SERVER_ERROR

[bugfix] Fix decode pulsar format batch records timestamp

[improve] Get size from byteBuf earlier to prevent unnecessary retention

Prevent double-release on timeout

Document the tlsEnabled configuration for legacy KoP versions

[improvement] hide scary InterruptedException in KopEventManager during broker shutdown

[bugfix][transactions] Make TxnTransitMetadata.topicPartitions immutable

fix: remove topic.getManagedLedger().asyncDeleteCursor

[bugfix][transactions] Prevent ConcurrentModificationException in getProducer()

Cloud Pulsar Plugins

Support audience list

Do not catch parseClaimsJwt method exception

Function Mesh Worker Service

Remove enableStateStore from CustomRuntimeOptions

allow by-pass the class loader from connector package

release function-mesh 0.15.0

Use state store to query/put state

Add missing config

Handle delete response when failed to delete k8s object

2bee464b Use pulsarctl runner image

Add missed permissions checks

Append version to the description field of ConnectorDefinition

Respect --update-auth-data parameter

prevent cleanup fail the action

expose k8s 404 and other rest errors with correct error code

bump k8s to 1.23.17

Lakehouse Connector

3115a20 Bump from 2.10.4 to 2.10.5-SNAPSHOT

Aws EventBridge Connector

(#69) Refactor docs struct and content.

(#74) Improve config docs.