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Release note V1.6.0

Release Date: 2022-07-16

StreamNative Platform 1.6.0 is now available. This release includes documentation updates for the following topics.

  • StreamNative Platform on Red Hat Openshift: you can deploy and manage StreamNative Platform as a cloud-native, stateful container application on Kubernetes and Red Hat Openshift using Pulsar Operators and the StreamNative Platform Chart. For details, see StreamNative Platform documentation.

  • Generic TLS support on the Pulsar broker: In this release, StreamNative Platform supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) on the Pulsar broker to protect network communications. For details, see enable TLS on the Pulsar broker.

  • Integration AoP with Istio: In this release, StreamNative Platform supports exposing AMQP-on-Pulsar (AoP) service on Istio Gateway. For details, see configure Istio.

  • StreamNative Console: By default, an admin user is created for StreamNative Console when vault-based authentication is enabled. In this release, you can configure the specific username and password for StreamNative Console. For details, see customize the username and password.

  • WAL compression for Prometheus: When a Pulsar cluster has lots of topics, a quantity of monitoring data is generated, which might cause the Prometheus server to restart due to Out of Memory (OOM) on Write-Ahead Log (WAL) replay. To prevent Prometheus OOM, you can configure WAL for Prometheus. For details, see configure WAL compression.