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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v2.10.3.7

StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v2.10.3.7



  • https://github.com/streamnative/pulsar/releases/tag/v2.10.3.7



General Changes

Apache Pulsar

(#20031) [fix] [cli] Fix Broker crashed by too much memory usage of pulsar tools

(#20046) [refactor][broker] Use AuthenticationParameters for rest producer

(#19975) [refactor][fn] Use AuthorizationServer more in Function Worker API

(#19976) [improve][txn] Cleanup how superusers abort txns

(#19989) [fix][broker] Only validate superuser access if authz enabled

(#19972) [fix][broker] Ignore and remove the replicator cursor when the remote cluster is absent

(#19971) [branch-2.10] [fix] [auth] fix not forward compatible config saslJaasServerRoleTokenSignerSecretPath after cherry-pick #15121

(#14509) [Build] Make the test JVM exit if OOME occurs

(#19980) [branch-2.10][fix][broker] Fix index generator is not rollback after entries are failed added

(#19711) [fix][ci][branch-2.10] Fix the release tools

(#15121) [Authenticate] fix Invalid signature error when use Kerberos Authentication

(#19957) [fix][sec] Fix transitive critical CVEs in file-system tiered storage

(#19942) [fix] [admin] fix incorrect state replication.connected on API partitioned-topic stat

(#15938) [fix] [proxy] Used in proxyConf file when configuration is missing in the command line

(#19242) [fix] [broker] Counter of pending send messages in Replicator incorrect if schema future not complete

(#19879) [fix] [admin] Make response code to 400 instead of 500 when delete topic fails due to enabled geo-replication

(#17033) (#19865) [improve][admin][branch-2.10] Unset namespace policy to improve deleting namespace

45f303c65d [test] Fix ServerCnxTest failing after merge of #19830


(#1776) [improve] Add message.max.bytes for describe broker config

(#1773) Fix flaky KopEventManagerTest.testOneTopicGroupState

(#1757) [tests] Unflaky MessagePublishBufferThrottleTestBase

(#1727) [improvement] Do not cache topics in KafkaTopicManagerSharedState

(#1718) Improve OAuth documentation

Cloud Storage Connector

baa409c Upgrade depends sn pulsar version to

3c63ccb Fix unit test compatibility with getReaderSchema() method

cd6df22 Compatible with generics.

(#626) Fix JsonFormat convert failed when use array jsonBytes or jsonString.

(#617) [improve][logging] Log uploads per partition instead of entire batch

StreamNative Pulsar Plugins

Fix the backup failed because of the upload failed

Cloud Pulsar Plugins

Handle null AuthenticationDataSource when checking super user roles

Fix concurrent modification exception

Function Mesh Worker Service

adopt new api branch 2.10.3

Set functions.useDedicatedRunner to false explicitly

support to disable runtime

verify 0.12.0