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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v2.10.4.6

StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v2.10.4.6



  • https://github.com/streamnative/pulsar/releases/tag/v2.10.4.6



General Changes

Apache Pulsar

5c556334a0 Fix breaking change of the deprecated constructor of PersistentMessageExpiryMonitor

(#20597) (#20781) [fix][broker][branch-2.10] Fix NPE when reset Replicator's cursor by position.

(#20597))) Revert "[fix][broker] Fix NPE when reset Replicator's cursor by position.

f8729c0053 [fix][broker] Fix test and checkstyle

c7925b31ec Delete MockManagedCursor.java

a4b3ae5711 Update ConnectionHandlerTest.java

0e70bddbdb Update FaultInjectableZKRegistrationManager.java

7670e01d14 Update MetadataStoreTest.java - The prior PR was not checked against codestyle

(#20695) [fix] [client] Messages lost when consumer reconnect

(#20595) [fix][client] Make the whole grabCnx() progress atomic

(#20642) [fix][meta] Bookie Info lost by notification race condition.

9a6a460563 [fix][test] Fix the test introduced in #18804

(#18804) [fix][broker] Fix namespace deletion if __change_events topic has not been created yet

(#20730) [fix][schema] Only handle exception when there has

(#20613) [fix][broker] Topic policy can not be work well if replay policy message has any exception.

7b6d1c9116 [fix][test] Fix the compilation issue introduced in #20597

(#20597) [fix][broker] Fix NPE when reset Replicator's cursor by position.

e6d4f09c44 [fix][test] Fix test testThreadSwitchOfZkMetadataStore

(#20465) [fix][test] Replace test call to Auth0 with call to WireMock

(#20457) [fix][broker] Fix return the earliest position when query position by timestamp.

(#20365) [fix][offload] Filesystem offloader class not found hadoop-hdfs-client

(#20346) [improve][admin] Return BAD_REQUEST on cluster data is null for createCluster

(#20303) [fix] [meta]Switch to the metadata store thread after zk operation

(#20037) [fix][test] Fix flaky testCreateTopicWithZombieReplicatorCursor

(#19661) [fix][client] Fix race condition that leads to caching failed CompletableFutures in ConnectionPool

(#19584) [fix][fn] Make KubernetesRuntime translate characters in function tenant, namespace, and name during function removal to avoid label errors

(#19934) [fix][broker] Return if AbstractDispatcherSingleActiveConsumer closed

(#19896) [fix][fn] Fix JavaInstanceStarter inferring type class name error

(#19815) [fix] [txn] fix consumer can receive aborted txn message when readType is replay

(#13974) [broker] clean inactive bundle from bundleData in loadData and bundlesCache

(#20733) [fix][ws] Remove unnecessary ping/pong implementation

(#17487) [fix][flaky-test]NamespaceServiceTest.flaky/testModularLoadManagerRemoveBundleAndLoad

(#17095) fix: bundle-data metadata leak because of bundlestats was not clean


(#1926) (#1945) [branch-2.10.4][improve] Pass group ID to authorizer when using OAuth

(#1893) [improvement] Remove expensive useless String.format() in canConsumeAsync

Cloud Pulsar Plugins

[improve] Add cache for parse claims Jwt

Fix authenticate http request

[improve] Move authz parse jwt body logic to authenticaiton state init stage

Aws EventBridge Connector

c3367b7 Fix v2.10.4.x will fix sink name.

(#39) Improve prerequisites docs.