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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v2.11.0.4

StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v2.11.0.4



  • https://github.com/streamnative/pulsar/releases/tag/v2.11.0.4



General Changes

Apache Pulsar

(#19937) [improve][client] Exclude log4j-slf4j-impl from compile dep in pulsar-client-all

(#19925) [fix][admin] Delete tenant local policy only if exist

(#19879) [fix] [admin] Make response code to 400 instead of 500 when delete topic fails due to enabled geo-replication

(#19861) [fix][io] KCA sink: handle null values with KeyValue<Avro,Avro> schema

(#18823) (#19835) [fix][broker] Fix delete system topic clean topic policy

(#19859) [fix][meta] Follow up #19817, Fix race condition between ResourceLock update and invalidation

(#17836) (#19837) [fix][client] moving get sequenceId into the sync code segment

(#19812) [improve] Upgrade bookkeeper to 4.15.4

13f4a0dc0a [test] Fix ServerCnxTest failing after merge of #19830

ad06fac088 [test] Fix MockMutableAuthenticationState implementation

(#19830) [improve][broker] Authorize originalPrincipal when provided

(#19234) (#19839) [improve][broker] Follow up #19230 to tighten the validation scope

(#17423) (#19834) [improve][txn][branch-2.11] Add getState in transaction for client API

(#19242) [fix] [broker] Counter of pending send messages in Replicator incorrect if schema future not complete

(#19817) [fix][meta] Fixed race condition between ResourceLock update and invalidation

(#19392) [fix][client] Fix async completion in ConsumerImpl#processPossibleToDLQ

(#19761) [fix][meta] Fix close borrowed executor

(#19800) [fix][broker] Copy subscription properties during updating the topic partition number.

3a03292411 Fix license header issue.

(#19519) [fix][authentication] Store the original authentication data

(#19727) [fix][broker] Fix index generator is not rollback after entries are failed added.

(#19735) [fix] [broker] delete topic failed if disabled system topic

(#19787) KCA: picking fixes from master

(#19759) [fix][broker] Fix issue where msgRateExpired may not refresh forever

(#19754) [fix][meta] Fix deadlock causes session notification not to work


(#1773) Fix flaky KopEventManagerTest.testOneTopicGroupState

Cloud Storage Connector

(#617) [improve][logging] Log uploads per partition instead of entire batch

Cloud Pulsar Plugins

Fix concurrent modification exception

Function Mesh Worker Service

fix branch 2.11

e9504ae Use null for configMetadataStore for compatiblity

verify 0.12.0

support to disable runtime

add helm chart for standalone mode

Pass ProcessingGuarantee to FunctionMesh