1. StreamNative Console

Enable StreamNative Console OpenAPI

The StreamNative Console supports to expose OpenAPI for users to integrate, this document will guide you how to enable the OpenAPI on the StreamNative Console and the way to access.


  • sn-platform chart: 1.10.7 or higher
  • streamnative/private-cloud-console image: v2.3.1 or higher

Enable OpenAPI

  1. Create a super service account on the StreamNative Console Service Account page, and get the token from this super service account.

  2. Set the Helm values streamnative_console.configData.OPENAPI_ENABLED to true and use helm upgrade to upgrade your Helm values.

  1. Use the kubectl port-forward or kubectl expose commands to expose the streamnative-console pod, and the OpenAPI Swagger address will be http://<Your External IP>:9527/swagger-ui/index.html

  2. Access to the Swagger page and click Authorize to input the token you got from the step1. Then you will have the permission to use the StreamNative Console OpenAPI.

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