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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v2.11.0.2

StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v2.11.0.2



  • https://github.com/streamnative/pulsar/releases/tag/v2.11.0.2



General Changes

Apache Pulsar

(#19199))) Fix race condition while updating partition number

(#18659) [fix][broker] Create replicated subscriptions for new partitions when needed

e49bf11f07 Fix compile issue.

(#17349) [improve][broker]Only create extended partitions when updating partition number

(#17374) [fix][broker]fix catching ConflictException when update topic partition

(#17251) [fix][broker]fail to update partition meta of topic due to ConflictException: subscription already exists for topic

(#19581) [fix][txn]fix receive duplicated messages due to pendingAcks in PendingAckHandle

(#14327) [feature][txn] Fix individual ack batch message with transaction abort redevlier duplicate messages

(#19534) [improve][broker] Use shrink map for trackerCache

(#19545) [fix] [test] Wrong mock-fail of the test ManagedLedgerErrorsTest.recoverLongTimeAfterMultipleWriteErrors

(#19510) [fix][client] Fix authentication not update after changing the serviceUrl

(#19420) [fix][broker] Fix loadbalance score caculation problem

(#19560) [fix][broker] Fixed history load not releasing

(#18664) [improve][test] Add test brokerReachThreshold for ThresholdShedderTest

(#19585) [fix] [client] fix memory leak if enabled pooled messages

(#19667) [fix][broker] Filter system topic when getting topic list by binary proto.

(#19696) [fix][cli] Fix Pulsar admin tool is ignoring tls-trust-cert path arg

(#19686) [fix][broker] Fix geo-replication admin

(#19588) [improve][broker][branch-2.11] Improve tls config on replication client and cluster cli

(#19674) [improve] Simplify enabling Broker, WS Proxy hostname verification

(#19532) [fix] [broker] Make the service name resolver cache of PulsarWebResource expire after access

(#19505) [fix] [broker] Incorrect service name selection logic

(#19632) [fix][ci] Fix broken CI

(#19302))) Revert "[improve] [admin] Make the default value of param --get-subscription-backlog-size of admin API topics stats true

(#18829) [fix][test][branch-2.10] Remove testGetTopic method

(#19302) [improve] [admin] Make the default value of param --get-subscription-backlog-size of admin API topics stats true

(#19444) [fix] [ml] topic load fail by ledger lost


(#1741) Upgrade nexus staging maven plugin

StreamNative Pulsar Plugins

[improve][detector] Fix crash when pulsar is unavailable

[rest] Fix Big message is truncated silently

Fix memory leak in that message is not pooled.

Add test to cover concurrent call

Function Mesh Worker Service

Bump function-mesh to v0.11.1

Lakehouse Connector

(#263) remove unit-test jdk8 from branch 2.11

(#254) Make unit tests can run with JDK8

(#253) Fix CVEs introduced by hadoop-common

(#236) [fix][sec] Fix CVEs introduced by log4j 1.2.17

a034ed0 Adjust codeowner to ecosystem

(#172) [Bugfix] Fix the problem when read as a delta table