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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v2.11.2.1

StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v2.11.2.1



  • https://github.com/streamnative/pulsar/releases/tag/v2.11.2.1



General Changes

Apache Pulsar

(#20804) [improve][offload] Extend the offload policies to allow specifying more conf

(#20775) [improve][offload] Create offload resources lazily

(#20736) [improve][offload] Support to configure more offload driver

(#20831) [fix][build] Upgrade PyYaml version to 6.0.1

(#20840) [improve] [ws] add cryptoKeyReaderFactoryClassName into the file websocket.conf

(#20819) [fix] [cli] the variable producerName of BatchMsgContainer is null


(#963) remove useless test code


(#1041) Fix IllegalReferenceCountException exception to break the callback

(#1033) Change log level to debug

(#1032) Add Cache for event writer.

847206d Fix connect timeout ms


[branch-2.11] Fix failed GroupMetadataManagerTest

Fix flaky OffsetTopicWriteTimeoutTest

[transactions] Better handling of network exceptions while sending TX markers

[transaction] Producer state manager snapshot recovery - Part-1: Add snapshot I/O buffer

Reduce the offset commit timeout to 5 seconds and make it configurable

Fix flaky CompactedPartitionedTopicTest.testClose

[fix] not respone for PRODUCE when acks=0

[debug] add better log for CONCURRENT_TRANSACTIONS error

[perf][improvement] Improvements for PulsarEntryFormatter

[bugfix] Fix decode pulsar format batch records timestamp

[refactor] Decoupling the offset topic I/O from GroupMetadataManager

[fix][transaction] TransactionMarkerRequestCompletionHandler retries on UNKNOWN_SERVER_ERROR

Prevent double-release on timeout

[improve] Get size from byteBuf earlier to prevent unnecessary retention

[improvement] hide scary InterruptedException in KopEventManager during broker shutdown

Document the tlsEnabled configuration for legacy KoP versions

[bugfix][transactions] Make TxnTransitMetadata.topicPartitions immutable

[bugfix][transactions] Prevent ConcurrentModificationException in getProducer()

[bugfix][transactions] Release memory in TransactionMarkerChannelHandler

fix: remove topic.getManagedLedger().asyncDeleteCursor

[feat][schema] Support getting schema string by id

[fix] Fix read unstable messages