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Release note V1.7.0

Release Date: 2022-12-01

StreamNative Platform 1.7.0 is now available. This release includes documentation updates for the following topics.

  • Pulsar Consistency Check (PCK) tool: sn-pulsar-tool is a Pulsar Consistency Check (PCK) tool that is used to check Pulsar data and ensure data consistency. In this release, two commands are introduced:

    • sn-pulsar-tools bookie delete-underreplicate-ledgers [options]: delete the under-replicated ledgers from the Bookie.
    • sn-pulsar-tools topics load-inactive-topic [options]: load the inactive topics in the Pulsar broker.

    For details, see the sn-pulsar tool tutorials.

  • Istio support on Pulsar Proxy: For some old clients that cannot connect to the Pulsar Broker directly with SNI Reverse Proxy, StreamNative Platform supports Istio on the Pulsar Proxy to expose services on the Istio Gateway. For details, see enable Istio Gateway and expose service through the Pulsar Proxy.

  • StreamNative Console: In this release, the StreamNative Console is updated in the following aspects:

    • Add the Dashboard page where you can check information about the organization and instance. For details, see Dashboard.
    • Support the Debezium Microsoft SQL Server source connector that pulls messages from SQL Server and persists the messages to Pulsar topics. You can create, check, and update the connector through the StreamNative Console. For details, see the Create Connectors.