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StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v2.11.1.3

StreamNative Weekly Release Notes v2.11.1.3



  • https://github.com/streamnative/pulsar/releases/tag/v2.11.1.3



General Changes

Apache Pulsar

93028b423d Remove python client build

(#20597))) Revert "[fix][broker] Fix NPE when reset Replicator's cursor by position.

(#17993) Fix flaky test testSplitBundleForMultiTimes.

(#17797) [fix][broker] Update new bundle-range to policies after bundle split

0e1731c75d Fix license header issue

(#20710) [fix][broker] Revert "Skip loading broker interceptor when disableBrokerInterceptors is true #20422"

f9faef834d Fix cherry-pick #20595 causes compile issue

(#20695) [fix] [client] Messages lost when consumer reconnect

(#20642) [fix][meta] Bookie Info lost by notification race condition.

(#20613) [fix][broker] Topic policy can not be work well if replay policy message has any exception.

(#20597) [fix][broker] Fix NPE when reset Replicator's cursor by position.

(#20595) [fix][client] Make the whole grabCnx() progress atomic

(#20604) [fix][sec] Upgrade snappy-java to address multiple CVEs

(#20698) [fix][io] Close the kafka source connector got stuck

(#20689) [fix][fn] Exit JVM when main thread throws exception

b45c2ed61b Fix cherry-pick #20605 cause compile issue.

(#20605) [fix][sql] Remove useless configuration for Pulsar SQL

(#20641) [fix][meta] Adding the missed bookie id in the registration manager.

(#20647) [fix][broker] Fix the publish latency spike from the contention of MessageDeduplication

(#20669) [fix][client]Fix deadlock issue of consumer while using multiple IO threads

(#20671) [improve][test] Disable disk usage threshold & geoip download and enable logging for Elastic Testcontainers

(#20475) [fix][misc] Use ubuntu 22.04 for Pulsar images

(#20549) [cleanup][broker] Validate authz earlier in delete subscription logic

445eacb25e Fix license headers to match JAVADOC_STYLE

(#16832) [improve][broker] Support cgroup v2 by using jdk.internal.platform.Metrics in Pulsar Loadbalancer

(#19465) [fix][admin] Report earliest msg in partitioned backlog

(#20465) [fix][test] Replace test call to Auth0 with call to WireMock

(#19775) [fix] [Perf] PerformanceProducer do not produce expected number of messages.

(#20365) [fix][offload] Filesystem offloader class not found hadoop-hdfs-client

(#20417) [fix][cli] Fulfill add-opens to function-localrunner also

(#20607) [fix][broker]fix the publish latency spike issue with large number of producers

(#20582) [fix][broker] Release orphan replicator after topic closed

(#20396) [Fix][txn] Unwrap the completion exception.

(#20366) [fix][offload] fix offload metrics error

(#19993) [improve][broker] Save createIfMissing in TopicLoadingContext

(#19584) [fix][fn] Make KubernetesRuntime translate characters in function tenant, namespace, and name during function removal to avoid label errors

(#20535) [fix][broker] REST Client Producer fails with TLS only

(#18688) [fix][ml] There are two same-named managed ledgers in the one broker

(#20527) [fix][broker] Restore solution for certain topic unloading race conditions

(#20533) [fix][fn] Configure pulsar admin for TLS

(#17659) [fix][build] duplicate entry when merging services

49d81af324 [fix][build] Don't publish docker image with "latest" tag to docker repository

a38d82b487 Bump version to 2.11.2-SNAPSHOT

(#20459) [fix][sec] Upgrade Guava to 32.0.0 to address CVE-2023-2976

(#20404) [fix][fn] Go functions need to use static grpcPort in k8s runtime

(#20480) [fix][io] Close the kafka source connector if there is uncaught exception

(#18949) [fix] [broker] do not filter system topic while shedding.

(#20245) [fix][client] Fix where the function getMsgNumInReceiverQueue always returns 0 when using message listener

373294bfa0 Fix cherry-pick #19929 cause license header issue

(#19929) [fix][client] Cache empty schema version in ProducerImpl schemaCache.

(#20450) [fix][fn]Reset idle timer correctly

(#20326) [fix][broker] Fix skip message API when hole messages exists

(#20446) [fix][test] Fix test testThreadSwitchOfZkMetadataStore

(#19895) [fix][fn] Fix function update error

(#20413) [fix][fn] Go functions must retrieve consumers by non-particioned topic ID

(#20422) [fix][broker] Skip loading broker interceptor when disableBrokerInterceptors is true

(#20303) [fix] [meta]Switch to the metadata store thread after zk operation

(#20423) [improve][misc] Upgrade Netty to 4.1.93.Final

(#19649) [improve][misc] Upgrade Netty to 4.1.89.Final

(#19417) [improve][misc] Upgrade Netty to 4.1.87.Final

(#20426) [fix][fn] Fix JavaInstanceStarter inferring type class name error

(#20416) [improve] [broker] Avoid PersistentSubscription.expireMessages logic check backlog twice.

a609f2baff Fix cherry-pick #18620 caused license header issue

(#20363) [fix][broker] Invalidate metadata children cache after key deleted

(#18620) [fix][broker] If ledger lost, cursor mark delete position can not forward

(#20411) [fix][sec] Upgrade sqlite-jdbc to resolve CVE-2023-32697

(#20412) [improve][ci] Speed up OWASP dependency check in Pulsar CI workflow

(#20410) [fix][ci] Update nar maven plugin version to fix excessive downloads

(#20392) [fix][broker] partitioned __change_events topic is policy topic

(#19897) [fix][fn] Make pulsar-admin support update py/go with package url


(#939) [ci] Ignore the jms1_1 test first


(#979) Bump Netty version to 4.1.93.Final


(#1934) [branch-2.11] Fix failed GroupMetadataManagerTest

(#1914) Fix flaky OffsetTopicWriteTimeoutTest

(#1907) [transactions] Better handling of network exceptions while sending TX markers

(#1906) [transaction] Producer state manager snapshot recovery - Part-1: Add snapshot I/O buffer

(#1905) Reduce the offset commit timeout to 5 seconds and make it configurable

(#1903) Fix flaky CompactedPartitionedTopicTest.testClose

(#1898) [fix] not respone for PRODUCE when acks=0

(#1895) [debug] add better log for CONCURRENT_TRANSACTIONS error

(#1890) [perf][improvement] Improvements for PulsarEntryFormatter

(#1888) [bugfix] Fix decode pulsar format batch records timestamp

(#1887) [refactor] Decoupling the offset topic I/O from GroupMetadataManager

(#1883) [fix][transaction] TransactionMarkerRequestCompletionHandler retries on UNKNOWN_SERVER_ERROR

(#1882) Prevent double-release on timeout

(#1878) [improve] Get size from byteBuf earlier to prevent unnecessary retention

(#1874) [improvement] hide scary InterruptedException in KopEventManager during broker shutdown

(#1870) Document the tlsEnabled configuration for legacy KoP versions

(#1869) [bugfix][transactions] Make TxnTransitMetadata.topicPartitions immutable

(#1868) [bugfix][transactions] Prevent ConcurrentModificationException in getProducer()

(#1867) [bugfix][transactions] Release memory in TransactionMarkerChannelHandler

(#1864) fix: remove topic.getManagedLedger().asyncDeleteCursor

(#1841) [feat][schema] Support getting schema string by id

(#1856) [fix] Fix read unstable messages


(#1084) Fixed remove auth plugin suffix

(#1072) Removed error char

StreamNative Pulsar Plugins

[fix][test] Reinstall the component ca-certificates-java in the DockerFile of detector test

Fix NPE when token used (Vault authentication) doesn't exists

Fix charts repo

Enable broker interceptors in integration tests.

Bump Go version 1.18 for pulsarctl-plugins

Enable broker interceptors for AuditLog test

Cloud Pulsar Plugins

[branch-2.11] Bump Pulsar to

fixed check styles and metric method name

Added revocation check in AuthenticationProviderApiKeys.

Added RevocationList

fixed license headers for pulsar-broker-auth-apikeys project

Added RevocationClient

Renamed Authentication/AuthorizationProviderOAuth to Authentication/AuthorizationProviderApiKeys

a copy of pulsar-broker-oauth2 for the new plugin work for api-key project

Release pulsar broker api keys

Function Mesh Worker Service

Support manual semantics

a6ab0a17 Fix ci

Create VolumeMounts based on PVC

Support http protocol

Make log config works independent on CustomRuntimeOptions

Add support for node affinities and VolumeClaimTemplates

Support set log config name and key

Support liveness probe

fix auth e2e

set value schema when pulsar-client produce

Freeznet/use local registry for e2e

fix Not enough non-faulty bookies available

Implement trigger

Fix restartFunctions and enhance ci

Add imagePullSecrets to CustomRuntimeOptions

release function-mesh 0.14.0

Use k8s namespace to fetch resources

Aws EventBridge Connector

(#18) Fix incorrect doc file name.