1. StreamNative Managed Cloud
  2. BYOC

BYOC - Overview

StreamNative offers a fully managed “Bring Your Own Cloud” (BYOC) solution, which allows fully-managed clusters to be deployed and hosted in your cloud account.

This is made possible via StreamNative's cloud architecture of a separate control plane and data plane.

The following diagram depicts the architecture of StreamNative Cloud.

image of BYOC architecture

Responsibility model

The responsibilities of using StreamNative BYOC are different from those of using StreamNative Hosted. For the differences across the deployment options of managed cloud, check out the Responsibility Model.

Supported cloud providers

StreamNative Cloud supports multiple cloud providers, as listed in the table below.

Cloud providerStatusCloud-specific features
AWSGA - Production
  • Private link
  • Tiered Storage to S3
Google CloudGA - Production
  • Tiered Storage to GCS