Create Connectors


Before deploying a connector to StreamNative Cloud, make sure the following prerequisites have been met:

Create a built-in connector


Before creating a connector, it’s highly recommended to do the following:

  1. Check connector availability to ensure the version number of the connector you want to create is supported on StreamNative Cloud.
  2. Go to StreamNative Hub and find the connector-specific docs of your version for configuration reference.

The following example shows how to create a data generator source connector named test on Streamnative Cloud using different tools.

To create a data generator source connector named test, run the following command.

➜ pulsarctl sources create --archive builtin://data-generator --destination-topic-name public/default/dg-test --source-config '{"sleepBetweenMessages": 60}' --name test

You should see the following output:

Created test successfully

If you want to verify whether the data generator source connector has been created successfully, run the following command:

➜ pulsarctl sources list

You should see the following output:

| test                |


If you want to create a sink connector, use the pulsarctl sinks create command.

For all the common configurations of built-in connectors, see Configuration reference.

Check Connector Availability