1. Process Data Streams

Pulsar Functions Overview

Apache Pulsar Functions are lightweight functions that consume messages from Pulsar topics, apply custom processing logic, and publish the results of the computation to other topics. With the initial release of this feature, you deploy your functions through the command line to StreamNative Cloud. You can also monitor your functions on the StreamNative Cloud Console, which visually displays all of your functions and their current state.

To learn more, watch the Pulsar Functions on StreamNative Cloud playlist.

Pulsar Functions are designed to perform lightweight stream processing. They are best for basic use cases that do not require the complexity of a full-stream processing engine.

  • Simple per-message transformations for normalization, cleanup, or enriching with metadata.
  • Simple aggregations like sums, counts, or averages for a single stream (over a short time period) and where duplicates are tolerated.
  • Chained sequences of transformations on data in a single topic.

Pulsar Functions are computing infrastructure of Pulsar messaging system. With Pulsar Functions, you can create complex processing logic without deploying a separate neighboring system, such as Apache Storm, Apache Heron, or Apache Flink.

Pulsar Functions can be described as Lambda-style functions that are specifically designed to use Pulsar as a message bus.

For information about Pulsar Functions in general, see Pulsar Functions Overview.

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Pulsar Functions