Release Channel

StreamNative Cloud release channel is for your Pulsar cluster versions chosen to balance between feature availability and stability. Pulsar clusters enrolled in a release channel will automatically upgrade over time to receive issue fixes, new features and necessary updates.

Channel types

Release ChannelCurrent version in channelDescription
Rapid channel3.2.2.3Rapid channel will use the Pulsar features versions as the update stream. Get the latest Pulsar as early as possible.
LTS channel3.0.4.3LTS channel will use the Pulsar LTS versions as the update stream. Prioritize stability over new features.

Channel limitation

  • Kafka API users should choose the Rapid channel, as only Rapid channel clusters provide complete Kafka API support, including features like Multi-Tenancy, Transactions, and Compacted Topics. It is not recommended to use the Kafka features with LTS channel clusters.

  • There is a temporary restriction that the release channel cannot be changed after the cluster deployment. If you want to shift the entrolled release channel, please reach out to the StreamNative support team.

Choose the release channel

In the cluster provision process, there is a new step for selecting the release channel:

Select Release Channel

After cluste provision, you can view the current enrolled channel through the Configuration tab on the Pulsar Clusters page:

Select Release Channel

Auto Scaling