Welcome to StreamNative Managed Cloud

StreamNative provides Apache Pulsar®-as-a-Service. Our Cloud products provide all the features of Apache Pulsar plus StreamNative’s tooling to remove the complexity of managing Apache Pulsar. StreamNative Cloud provides a turnkey solution to help your organizations make the transition to a "streaming first" architecture.

Our managed cloud deployment options, StreamNative Hosted or BYOC Cloud, leverage Pulsar as the backbone for your real-time data, core business applications, or microservice messaging platform. It is the simple, fast, reliable, and cost-effective way to run Pulsar in the cloud.

You can choose between two deployment options to easily and safely connect to your existing tech stack.

  • Hosted - StreamNative clusters hosted on StreamNative's public cloud account

  • Bring Your Own Cloud - On your public cloud account - AWS, GCP, Azure - but managed by StreamNative

These products offer a flexible model of clusters either running in StreamNative’s cloud or in your organization’s own Cloud accounts.


The StreamNative Cloud Hosted deployment is ideal for standalone teams who value speed and ease of use over granular control of Pulsar instances. Use the hosted deployment if you don't have existing infrastructure or experience managing infrastructure or you need to spin up a new project quickly.

With the hosted deployment, you can focus on implementation instead of infrastructure management.

  • Limited infrastructure decisions and maintenance is required.
  • You have full control of the implementaiton.
  • You do not need DevOps resources.

Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)

The StreamNative Cloud BYOC deployment is ideal for customers who already have their own public cloud infrastructure and are able to manage their own infrastructure and maintain seucrity protocols and data retention policies.

With the BYOC deployment, you can control your data, security, and costs.

  • You have full data ownership.
  • You manage security protocols.
  • You have flexible data retention options.
  • You can expect a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) due to optimized network costs.

StreamNative Managed Cloud deployments enable developers to focus on building applications, instead of managing and maintaining complex systems and data services. Developers can spin up a Pulsar-based messaging and event streaming service in the public cloud in minutes.

StreamNative specializes in cloud-native messaging and event streaming solutions. We are the original creators of Apache Pulsar, a powerful open-source distributed pub-sub messaging plaform design for real-time event streaming and data processing at scale.

StreamNative Cloud is our cloud-native offering build on Apache Pulsar. It provides a managed, fully hosted platform that allows users to easily deploy, operate, and scale Apache Pulsar clusters without the need for managing the underlying infrastructure. StreamNative Cloud takes care of all the operational aspects, including provisioning, monitoring, scaling, and maintenance of the Pulsar clusters, allowing developers to focus on building their applications and processing data.


StreamNative Managed Cloud