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Build applications using Pulsar clients

You can use the Pulsar clients to connect to your StreamNative cluster.

If you are familiar with command lines and environments, you can also use the CLI tools or Message Rest API.

Jumpstart for beginners

To help you get started with setting up client libraries and tools after provisioning your cluster, StreamNative Cloud Console provides a step-by-step wizard to walk you through the basic setup and configuration process, such as installing client libraries, downloading key files, selecting properties, generating sample codes to run, and so on.

gif of client setup process through wizard

To get started with the client setup wizard, follow these steps.

  1. On the left navigation pane of StreamNative Cloud Console, in the Admin section, click Pulsar Clients.

  2. Follow the wizard to generate the sample code you need for connecting to your StreamNative cluster.

With a copy-and-paste, you can run the given sample code to produce and consume messages. For a quick walkthrough, check out this video (starting from 1'57'').


You can also use the Kafka clients to connect to your StreamNative cluster.

Pulsar Clients

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