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StreamNative Console provides a dashboard where you can check information about the organization and instance.

After logging in to the StreamNative Console, you will go to the Dashboard page directly.

Dashboard for Organizations

You can perform the following operations on the dashboard for an organization.

  • Check organization information.

    • Name: the organization name.
    • Namespace: the Kubernetes namespace for the organization.
    • Status: the organization status.


  • Search for a specific organization. Enter the organization name in the Search box to search for a specific organization.

Dashboard for instances

Click the organization name link and a new window pops up where you can select a target instance.

On the dashboard for an instance, click the instance name or click Switch to instance to enter the main page of the StreamNative Console, where you can work with service accounts, tenants, namespaces, topics, and so on.


Log in to StreamNative Console