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Prepare to connect to a Pulsar cluster

Before connecting to a Pulsar cluster, you need to get the Web service URL of the target Pulsar cluster and the token used for authentication.

  • Get the Web service URL.

    StreamNative Platform does not expose any external IP address to your Pulsar cluster. To get the Web service URL, you must request that your Kubernetes cluster administrator generate a Web Service URL for your Pulsar cluster. For details about how to expose the Web Service URL, see configure networking.

  • Get the token of a service account.

    1. On the left navigation pane of StreamNative Console, click Service Accounts.

    2. Select the TOKEN tab and then click Generate new token to generate a token for the service account to your local directory.

      Before getting the token of a service account, verify that the service account is authorized as a superuser or an admin of the tenants and namespaces.

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