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Connect to your cluster using Lenses


This QuickStart assumes that you have created a StreamNative cluster with the Kafka protocol enabled, created a service account, and granted the service account produce and consume permissions to a namespace for the target topic.

This document shows how to connect to your StreamNative cluster using Lenses through Token authentication.

Before you begin


  • Before using an API key, verify that the service account is authorized to access the resources, such as tenants, namespaces, and topics.
  • The password for different utilities as kcat will be equal to token:<API KEY>.

You can follow the instructions to create an API key for the service account you choose to use.


This section describes how to connect to your StreamNative cluster and export data from your StreamNative cluster using Lenses.

  1. Go to the Lenses UI and configure your StreamNative cluster.

    • [1] Bootstrap Servers: the Kafka service URL of your StreamNative cluster.
    • [2] Security Protocol: the security protocol of your StreamNative cluster.
    • [3] SASL Mechanism: the security mechanism of your StreamNative cluster.
    • [4] JAAS Configuration
      • username: the tenant and namespace name, in the format of <tenant-name>/<namespace-name>.
      • password: the token of your service account, in the format of token:<API key of your service account>

    configure pulsar cluster in Lenses

  2. View data in the target topic.

    a. On the left navigation pane of the Lenses UI, click Explore to navigate to the Explore page. b. Select the target topic.

    view data in the kop-topic topic

    The message in the topic kop-topic looks like the below:

      "value": {
        "address": {
          "street": "Summer Place",
          "streetNumber": "79",
          "apartmentNumber": "",
          "postalCode": "96518",
          "city": "San Francisco"
        "firstName": "Skylar",
        "middleName": "Skylar",
        "lastName": "Vega",
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "username": "skylarv",
        "password": "BAhSz5sB",
        "sex": "FEMALE",
        "telephoneNumber": "728-020-424",
        "dateOfBirth": -499301348331,
        "age": 69,
        "company": {
          "name": "Klein",
          "domain": "klein.biz",
          "email": "[email protected]",
          "vatIdentificationNumber": "62-0006870"
        "companyEmail": "[email protected]",
        "nationalIdentityCardNumber": "860-15-3193",
        "nationalIdentificationNumber": "",
        "passportNumber": "TbfdoEIBP"
  3. Query data in the target topic.

    a. From the Header Bar menu, go to the Dashboard panel.

    b. On the side navigation, select SQL Studio under the Data section.

    query data in the kop-topic topic