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About StreamNative Operator

The StreamNative Operator are a set of Kubernetes operators that make it easy to deploy, manage, and scale Apache Pulsar clusters. They provide a declarative API that allows teams to define the Pulsar cluster configuration in Kubernetes manifests, and automatically manage the lifecycle of Pulsar brokers, proxies, and BookKeeper bookies.

The StreamNative Operator offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Simplified deployment: The operators automate the deployment of Pulsar clusters, so teams don't have to worry about manually configuring and managing the individual components.
  • High Availability: StreamNative Operator set up clusters in a highly available manner by default. They manage replica placement, broker distribution, and failover mechanisms, ensuring that event streams stay reliable even in the face of failures.
  • Declarative configuration: The operators use a declarative API, so teams can define the Pulsar cluster configuration in Kubernetes manifests. This makes it easy to manage the Pulsar cluster and to roll back changes if necessary.

Please refer to the StreamNative Operator Documentation.

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