StreamNative Pulsar Operators

StreamNative offers Pulsar Operators that ease the installation and management of Pulsar clusters as well as enable the full power of Kubernetes for use with your Pulsar clusters. You can manage your Pulsar cluster using the Kubernetes Application Programming Interface (API) and the kubectl tool.

StreamNative offers Pulsar Operators under a simple, free Community License.


Need an Enterprise Solution? StreamNative offers additional products and services tailored for Enterprise customers.

Simplified deployment of Pulsar clusters

Pulsar Operators facilitate the deployment of Pulsar clusters on Kubernetes with minimal configuration. Pulsar Operators abstract the complexities of setting up Pulsar components, enabling you to deploy clusters quickly and tune them for optimized performance.

Rolling upgrades

With Pulsar Operators, you can perform rolling upgrades of your Pulsar clusters with minimal downtime. Therefore, you can apply critical updates, patches, and configuration changes without impacting your applications' performance.

Pulsar Operators use Kubernetes Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) to define and manage Pulsar clusters, allowing you to define your desired cluster configurations using familiar Kubernetes manifest files and apply them directly to the Kubernetes API.

Automated scaling

Pulsar Operators allow for seamless scaling of Pulsar clusters, ensuring your applications can handle increased workloads. As your needs grow, Pulsar Operators let you scale the number of brokers, bookies, or proxies, maintaining optimal performance and resource utilization.

Protocol handlers support

Pulsar Operators facilitate the installation of Kafka, AMQP, and MQTT protocols. This simplifies the migration process from existing messaging systems and ensures compatibility with applications using those technologies.

How to get started

You can install Pulsar Operators using the Helm chart or an Operator Lifecycle Manager.