Google Cloud BigQuery Source Connector
BigQuery Connector integrates Apache Pulsar with Google BigQuery.

Available on
StreamNative Cloud console

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Business License

Google BigQuery sink connector

The Google Cloud BigQuery connector is a Pulsar IO connector for copying data between Google BigQuery and Pulsar.

This connector pulls data from Pulsar topics and persists data to Google BigQuery.

Currently, Google BigQuery connector versions (x.y.z) are based on Pulsar versions (x.y.z).

Project layout

Below are the sub folders and files of this project and their corresponding descriptions.

├── conf // examples of configuration files of this connector
├── docs // user guides of this connector
├── script // scripts of this connector
├── src // source code of this connector
│   ├── checkstyle // checkstyle configuration files of this connector
│   ├── license // license header for this project. `mvn license:format` can
    be used for formatting the project with the stored license header in this directory
│   │   └── ALv2
│   ├── main // main source files of this connector
│   │   └── java
│   ├── spotbugs // spotbugs configuration files of this connector
│   └── test // test related files of this connector
│       └── java


Licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0: