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  2. Intro to Apache Pulsar

What You Need-to-Know about Pulsar

Apache Pulsar is an advanced messaging and streaming platform. It is an all-in-one solution that supports your legacy workloads, today's event-driven applications, and future real-time streaming needs.

a high-level comparison of legacy, modern, and next-gen systems

Historically, messaging and streaming required two different systems. This is no longer the case. Pulsar allows the application to select how it wants to deliver messages. The way Pulsar does this is based on subscription types.

Pulsar can scale across organizations of all sizes by accommodating many different needs across different teams.

  • Improved experience for developers (because they can do more with one system).
  • Operational simplicity enables adoption.
  • It is the hub for all of your real-time data.

If you are a developer...

You can use Apache Pulsar to build scalable and reliable applications because it supports common use cases at a massive scale, handling billions of events in an always-available fashion. Pulsar is compatible with existing frameworks and tools, so you can reuse your existing code while gaining access to cutting-edge features.

If you are an administrator or operator...

You can use Apache Pulsar to handle a wide variety of use cases and efficiently consolidate a wide variety of technologies (ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, JMS, Kafka, etc ). Pulsar's multi-tenant cluster design can do the jobs of dozens or hundreds of similar technologies. You have less to manage and can support more use cases for developers — it's a win for everyone.

If you are a business leader...

Pulsar is trusted by 1000's of the world's largest organizations and backed by a vibrant community of thousands. It can run in modern cloud-native architectures, allowing for massive scalability without massive increases in infrastructure components.

Pulsar was originally built to handle messaging and streaming at scale at Yahoo! in 2010, was open-sourced in 2016, and became a top-level project in 2018.

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If you are interested in hands-on experience with Pulsar, check out the StreamNative training offerings.

What is Pulsar?