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StreamNative Cloud Dashboard and Navigation

StreamNative Cloud is designed to make it easy for teams to leverage the power of Apache Pulsar. We are working hard on improving the StreamNative Cloud Console to make it simpler for teams to provision and understand their Pulsar clusters.

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of an updated Cloud Console that brings some new features and refinements to better meet the needs of our users. This release features a new Cloud Dashboard and Navigation to provide better visibility into your clusters and to provide more intuitive navigation. This is the first in many releases and over the coming weeks and months. Expect to see more improvements that add additional features and refinements in the future.

If you have any questions or issues about this update, don't hesitate to reach out through the support portal or give us feedback through the chat app.


  • New Dashboard page that serves as a quick health check of your instances with your most important tasks close at hand.
  • Updated navigation menu to simplify and streamline the management of StreamNative and Pulsar resources.
  • Significant internal re-architecture to make the UI faster and more responsive, without some of the previous delays of API changes not being shown in the UI.


  • Cloud Console Dashboard and login changes
    • This new home page is designed to make it easy for you to see the status of your instances and to quickly get started with StreamNative Cloud.
    • The Cloud Console now remembers your most recent organization and instance.
  • New Navigation
    • The navigation menu has been significantly changed to make navigation more intuitive.
    • A new quick switcher for tenants and namespaces has been added to the navigation bar.


  • Update your bookmarks! The links have changed. The previous links did not allow for deep linking.
  • Certain metrics, such as number of topics in a namespace, traffic, and others have been removed. These metrics were a point-in-time snapshot that were often out-of-date, potentially leading to confusion.
  • Numerous bug-fixes and performance improvements have been implemented. These bug fixes include issues with changes via the Pulsar REST API not being visible within the UI and issues with large numbers of topics or namespaces.

Future Plans

This update is just the beginning. More features are coming soon, including:

  • Additional dashboard cards with contextual actions to simplify managing your Pulsar infrastructure.
  • Richer, historical metrics to see how your instance and applications are performing.
  • Additional improvements to the provision workflow to make it easier to deploy and manage instances and clusters.
March 2022