Compacted Topic

KSN and Apache Kafka both support topic compaction, a key-based data retention mechanism. Compared with the segment-based data retention mechanism (remove the old segment based on time or size), the key-based data retention mechanism is to keep the latest value for a given key. However, there are subtle divergences in the data compaction between KSN and Apache Kafka because the KSN topic compaction mechanism is based on Apache Pulsar.

  • Apache Kafka supports a delete+compact retention policy, which can remove the record of an old key even if it is the latest value of the key and applies the segment-based data cleanup policy(1 day by default). But KSN can't remove the compacted keys by retention time or size unless the tombstone(null value) message is written into the topic.
  • The Topic config and doesn't support.
  • KSN topic compaction can't work with transactions together, but it will support it in the future.

Use Compacted Topic

To create a compact topic, you can follow the CLI Tools tutorial and use the following command line to create the compact topic:

./bin/ --create --bootstrap-server <YOUR-BOOTSTRAP-SERVER-ADDRESS> --replication-factor 1 --partitions 1 --topic my_compact_topic --config "cleanup.policy=compact"
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