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StreamNative Cloud Release Notes

StreamNative Cloud 1.8 is now available.

General Changes

  • StreamNative Cloud supports Pulsar 2.8.0.
  • Connectors are now available in StreamNative Cloud. They provide a convenient way to move data in and out of the cloud without writing any code.
    • This release supports pre-approved connectors for SQS, Kinesis, AWS S3, and Lambda functions on AWS and GCP cloud-hosted platforms.
    • You can configure and manage connectors using the pulsarctl CLI tool or the StreamNative Cloud Manager. For details, see here.

Bug Fixes

Previous issues with Flink SQL statement queries were fixed to support more types of Flink SQL statements, including:

  • Basic (select, insert, filter, aggregate)
  • TimeSeries Aggregation (watermark, event time, session time, processing time)
  • Joins
August 2021