1. Cloud Release Notes

January and February 2023 Release Notes


New provisioning changes for hosted clusters

We have improved the customer experience for self-service provisioning, making it easier for you to provision StreamNative hosted clusters.

  • You can provision new clusters through StreamNative Cloud console, with a prompt to update payment information.
  • New changes will not impact existing clusters. To adjust the sizing of existing clusters, please submit a ticket, and our team will assist with this one-time migration.

Audit Log

Audit Log allows you to monitor which users and applications are accessing data, and what they do with it. Audit Log supports various audit event types, including creating, updating, and deleting clusters, tenants, namespaces, and topics.

New Connectors

New connectors are available on StreamNative Cloud:

If you are interested in using these connectors, submit a ticket with this request to the support team.

Cluster Metrics in Beta

StreamNative Cloud offers a new endpoint and dashboard for Cluster Metrics to help provide visibility into your Pulsar clusters and track performance over time. Collect and monitor cluster health and performance metrics in real-time, analyze trends, and proactively maintain your applications to ensure optimal performance.

screenshot of new cluster metrics

Pulsar Functions on Cloud in Beta

Pulsar Functions are now available on StreamNative Cloud. Pulsar Functions on StreamNative Cloud enable you to build real-time data pipelines for ETL jobs, event-driven applications, and simple data analytics applications.

Check out this demo of Pulsar Functions in action:



New REST API for StreamNative Cloud allows the following:

  • Produce, consume, and acknowledge messages
  • Monitor the state of your Pulsar clusters
  • Perform a wide range of administrative actions

Check out this demo of the StreamNative Rest API in action:



Improvements for new clusters

We have made several improvements to new Pulsar clusters on StreamNative Cloud. These changes will not impact existing clusters, but new clusters will benefit from the following enhancements:

Cluster configurations added to the cluster Overview tab

You can view a new configuration section on the Overview tab on the Clusters page in the StreamNative Cloud Console for better visibility and accessibility. This allows you to quickly access and manage information on the backlog quota, backlog retention policy, subscription throttling rate, and producer/consumer limits per topic.

screenshot of new cluster overview section

Cloud Console optimizations

To facilitate easier debugging and troubleshooting of data issues with a topic, a new Stats tab has been added to the Topic page in StreamNative Cloud. This tab displays the output of the commands topic-stats and topic-stats-internal, making it easier for you to access and analyze topic statistics, streamlining the debugging process.

Instance selection made clearer

The StreamNative Cloud Console dashboard now clearly indicates the currently selected instance through the addition of a checkmark. This enhancement eliminates confusion and allows you to easily identify the active instance.

screenshot of updated instance selection

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