Introduction to StreamNative Cloud

    StreamNative provides Apache Pulsar®-as-a-Service. Our Cloud products provide all the features of Apache Pulsar plus StreamNative’s tooling to remove the complexity of managing Apache Pulsar.

    StreamNative Products

    StreamNative Cloud delivers fully managed Apache Pulsar in the cloud of your choice with three deployment options to easily and safely connect to your existing tech stack.

    StreamNative Product Offerings

    • Hosted - StreamNative clusters hosted on StreamNative's public cloud account

    • Bring Your Own Cloud - On your public cloud account - AWS, GCP, Azure - but managed by StreamNative

    • Private Cloud License - Self-managed by your team on Kubernetes, on-premise, or across hybrid environments

    StreamNative Cloud provides a turnkey solution to help organizations make the transition to a "streaming first" architecture. StreamNative Cloud enables developers to focus on building applications, instead of managing and maintaining complex systems and data services. Developers can spin up a Pulsar-based messaging and event streaming service in the public cloud in minutes.

    For organizations looking to leverage Pulsar as the backbone for their real-time data, core business applications, or as their microservice messaging platform, StreamNative Hosted or BYOC Cloud is the simple, fast, reliable, and cost-effective way to run Pulsar in the cloud. These products offer a flexible model of clusters either running in StreamNative’s cloud or in your organization’s own Cloud accounts.

    For organizations who want to manage Pulsar in their own environments, StreamNative Private Cloud is the solution. This product provides a complete unified messaging and streaming platform—ready out of the box with enterprise-grade configurations. You can achieve the simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency of the cloud without the burden of complex infrastructure operations. It provides a complete, declarative API-driven experience for deploying and self-managing Apache Pulsar in your private environments.