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StreamNative Cloud Release Notes

StreamNative Documentation Release Notes

This February 2022 documentation release comprises one new topic and updates to three topics.

  • A new topic on StreamNative Cloud Secrets was added to the Managed Access section. StreamNative Cloud Secrets allow you to store and manage sensitive data such as passwords, tokens, and private keys. You can create Secrets and refer to them for computing purposes (Pulsar connectors, Pulsar Functions, Flink SQL and general Flink jobs). For details, see work with Secrets.
  • Per-topic throughput limit and storage limit for clusters was updated in the Concepts topic.
  • Billing information was removed from the Billing topic, as up-to-date billing information is on the StreamNative website.
  • The snctl reference topic was updated with an improved order of information.
March 22, 2022 - Cloud UI Update