StreamNative Console Breadcrumb

Use the Breadcrumb in the StreamNative Console to navigate the structure of StreamNative Cloud: switch into different organizations, instances, clusters, tenants, and namespaces by selecting where you want to go in the dropdown.


The breadcrumb contains five values that correspond to resources within StreamNative:

When navigating to the StreamNative Console, your organization and instance will be preset for you. However, the breadcrumb requires you to select a cluster, tenant, and namespace on your own before the full StreamNative Console menu can be enabled; this is to ensure that all users have the appropriate level of access to each resource within StreamNative Cloud.

Selecting your resources

To select a resource, click on the arrow in the dropdown, and select one from the available options.

Switching from one resource to another will require you to reselect everything below that resource. For example, if you switch from instance A to instance B using the breadcrumb, you will need to reselect a cluster, tenant, and namespace, because instance B contains different clusters/tenants/namespaces from instance A.

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