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StreamNative Cloud Release Notes

StreamNative Cloud 1.9 is now available.

General Changes

Added support for subscribing to StreamNative cloud service on AWS Marketplace. If you already have an AWS account, you can subscribe to the StreamNative cloud-hosted product in AWS Marketplace. You can create an organization associated with that AWS subscription. Usage for resources created under that organization, such as Pulsar cluster and Flink cluster are billed through the user's AWS account. For details, see here.

Feature Enhancements

StreamNative Cloud Console

  • Added more fine-grained and easy-to-use configuration of Pulsar connectors. You can specify each configuration from the StreamNative Cloud console.
  • Added monitoring support for connectors. You can view the status of a connector including when a connector fails to be created, updated, or cloned. For details, see here.

snctl CLI tool

  • Added support for installing snctl CLI tools on Linux and MAC OS using Homebrew.
September 2021